We Tried Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Tablets and This is What Happened

Crappy’s Feel Better hemp tablets

If you’re feeling crappy, these tablets will make you happy.

This week I tried three different chewable tablets from Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co. This company was founded by chemists who use various parts of the hemp plant to bring out different effects. They have a variety of hemp products for various needs, from hangover helpers to muscle and joint rubs. I tried their Hangover Helper, the Fade Fighter, and the Party Prep.  

Cannabinoid-Rich Chewables

Crappy’s Feel Better hemp tablets are rich in three different types of cannabinoids: CBG, CBN, and CBD. Active CBG is known to help fight nausea, pain, and inflammation. Active CBN is known as a sleep aid which makes you drowsy. Active CBD, on the other hand, the most well known, has a variety of effects such as inducing calm and focus.

The tablets tasted somewhere between a TUMS and a smartie, though they were smaller than both. They were sweet, but not quite like candy, and not specific enough to place. Just a generic sweet flavor. They dissolved after a few short chews.New Soothing Skincare

The Morning After

The Hangover Helper tablets have all three cannabinoids in them: 15 mg of CBG, 5 mg of CBD, and 1 mg of CBN.

I tried one after a heavy night of drinking, and for me it made absolutely no difference. I still felt really gross the next morning. But I had a friend try it after a night of drinking and she felt different effects. 

She woke up early with a headache and took one of the tablets with some water, then went back to sleep for an hour. When she woke up, she said she felt much better, and her headache was gone. 

Stayin’ Alive

The Fade Fighter is supposed to be used to help wake you up or keep you focused when you start to feel drowsy. It has a slightly different taste because there is one more ingredient that isn’t in the others — passionfruit powder. It has about 3 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG. 

Myself and one other person took Fade Fighter at about 5 p.m. during a film shoot after we had already worked half the day. Both of us felt drowsy. However, I was more awake and energized after I took it — and so was the other person. 

In the customer reviews of these products, users said they used it to help treat ADD/ADHD by taking it in the mornings to help them wake up and focus. I could definitely see myself using this product for the same reasons, and out of all three, I think I will continue to use the Fade Fighter. 

Party Time

The Party Prep tablets have 10 mg of CBG and 3 mg of CBD in them. They are marketed as “the natural way to get you loose and ready to party,” and are therefore supposed to be taken before going out to a social situation if you’re feeling a little anxious. 

With the state of the world right now, there hasn’t really been a good time to use these tablets. But I did try them, and they look and taste just like the other ones. I didn’t really notice a change in the way I felt or in my energy levels. But again, there hasn’t been a great time to try Party Prep the way they are intended to be used. I imagine they should have similar effects as the Fade Fighter. 

Is Crappy’s Worth it?

Customers can order the Crappy’s Feel Better in a trial pack, which comes with a pack of three for $5. Alternatively, they can come in small bottles of 25 tablets for $35. There aren’t a lot of products like these out on the market, but compared to some that are out there, the price is on the higher end. 

Overall, I would recommend these tablets to others, especially Fade Fighter and perhaps the Hangover Helper too. 

Rating: 3.5/5 Emeralds


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