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November 13, 2020

A lame duck Congress awaits an expected U.S. House of Representatives vote on the MORE Act that could legalize and de-schedule cannabis. But the Senate still is not interested in helping cannabis or the Democrats. What role does the Georgia run off election play with cannabis? As stocks continue to rise after the election, there’s a huge merger among two giant cannabis companies. Plus, as a cannabis farmer, do you need insurance against fires? Hurricanes? Tornados? Now there’s an insurance company you can call to help out your security. Also featured: Debra Borchardt of the Green Market Report on the mega weed merger, Phil Adams on the Democrat transition plan in regards to cannabis, Ry Rusell from Weedbudzradio with the Maine report on Weed Talk News with Curt Dalton from Cannabis.net and Jimmy Young from Pro Cannabis media.
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