The Woodrose Cafe

The Woodrose Cafe


Please wait to be greeted & seated, read the sign on the glass door to the Woodrose Cafe located on the southern end of Garberville. Masked in Tiffany-blue paint with white trim, this cafe is an ideal stop for some good ol’ organic eatin’.
From their fresh fruit to their veggies, Woodrose Cafe puts quality first before everything else.
Established in 1977 and named after the original owner’s father, Woodroe, the inside of the cafe is a rustic setback to the days of mass logging. The scent of fried eggs and freshly brewed coffee greets you before the staff can. The walls are lined with wood that displays local artwork every month. This month’s display is by wildlife painter Talia Rose and her collection of “County Line Wild.”
The main counter top is a giant slab of redwood that measures over eight feet long. Doug Brian, one of Woodrose’s four owners, explained that it’s only been eleven short months since coming into ownership of the cafe. Doug shared his passion for cooking, knowledge of organic food, and goals for the restaurant’s future: “Some people didn’t know we served lunch, they thought we were just breakfast,” he said. “Today’s lunch special is fajitas!”

While the cafe’s notoriety comes from their hearty breakfasts, they are now striving to make lunch just as popular. “One hundred percent of the produce served at the cafe is organic,” says Doug. “A solid 75% of food and beverages that pass through the cafe is guaranteed organic.” The Woodrose Cafe strives for consistent, quality organic food for their patrons. The classic ABC (avocado, bacon and cheese) omelet stands out as the most-ordered entrée at the cafe. Woodrose also makes an effort to help support Southern Humboldt’s local farmers by purchasing from them as often as possible.
Many entrées exist at Woodrose, the hard part is selecting only one. With plenty of vegetarian choices, the egg and tofu scramble complete with country potatoes topped off with a handful of cheese, chives, olives, sour cream and salsa is a personal favorite.
Open seven days a week from 8am to 2 pm, the Woodrose serves breakfast until noon during the week and all day on the weekends. The lunch menu picks up from noon to 2pm. If you’re in the mood, make sure to grab one of their freshly squeezed juices. When healthy meets delicious, it’s at the Woodrose cafe,
located at 911 Redwood Drive in the heart of Southern Humboldt.


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