Physician’s Grade CBD Skincare is the Real Deal

By Samantha Wahl


There are thousands of beauty products on the market since the industry’s CBD renaissance, and trying them all can be daunting. Thankfully, the team at Emerald has been lubing up around the clock so nobody else has to waste time and money on fakes. We got you.

The Physician’s Grade is a brand that captured our attention and held it through the winter season. They gifted a few of their products to test, and we now swear by them. Their oils and creams really do seem prescription-grade.

When was the Last Time you Touched Your Wenis?

It’s been cold and dry all winter and I’ll bet 200mg CBD that you’ve been neglecting your elbow skin. Now check your knuckles. Now your cuticles. All bone-dry, huh? This year’s dry climate is no joke, and it’s important to keep things moist. Some body parts don’t get the TLC they deserve, and that’s where the CBD Rescue Cream comes in. Your skin will thank you. It might even thank you now, while you stand next to your friends for a photo and find you’re the only one who doesn’t look like a crust-bucket.

Pro tip: it’s 3.38 ounces, so it’s easy to travel with, even on planes. We brought this on our flight to dry So-Cal and it was our skin’s saving grace.

Your Mushrooms Are Showing

Some classic CBD-accompanying buzzwords that everyone loves to see in skincare: coconut oil, aloe, vitamin C. The CBD Revive Drops have ‘em. But they also contain a lesser-known essential: mushroom extract. Mushrooms can regulate hormones and heal with high levels of antioxidants. Immediately on contact, you can feel this oil kick into overdrive. It absorbs instantly, leaving a summery glow. But a major perk is how light it soaks into the skin. There’s no leftover greasy feeling.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

For a skincare upgrade, PG’s CBD Remedy Oil contains 1000mg of CBD in one ounce of oil. This is for your problem areas, like the scratchy patches around your T-zone that makeup won’t hide. Our staff’s hack combines a couple drops into our nightly face wash. It’s good for redness, as the CBD’s inflammatory properties shine. It’s the real deal.

We’ve been using these Physician’s Grade products in conjunction with one another since the new year, so if you’re wondering how we got so dewy and fresh-faced, voilà. Give them a try. They run circles around the phonies.

Emerald contributor since September 2019


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