Vonnie and Ro Made a CBD Cleansing Milk

By Samantha Wahl


By now, the cannabis gods have hypnotized us all with much success. We’re mixing CBD into all of our beauty products and treating it like a magic elixir.

I for one, am a firm believer. I’ve seen the work cannabinoids can do for the skin, and just about every other facet of my life. When the team at Vonnie and Ro sent the Emerald their line of CBD face and body care products to try, I was all for it. 

My favorite of their collection was their cannabinoid-infused Smooth Cleansing Milk. I decided to use it in place of my nighttime cleanser for a couple weeks to see what the fuss was all about.

Smooth Like Buttah

On contact, the milk smelled sweet and tart, like grapefruit. When mixed with water, there was no sticky residue leftover that some unsuccessful cleansers can leave behind.

Cleansers of the non-milk variety can leave faces begging for more product. They leave a dry canvas to which follow-up oils and lotions are required. This cleansing milk made my face feel clean, but fully hydrated after patting dry. My skin was silky smooth and I didn’t feel the need to lather on moisturizer.

An Ingredient Utopia

Another major perk here was the palpable presence of CBD. It takes up the caboose on the milk’s ingredients list, but still manages to maintain a lasting impression. It cleared some redness I had from dry patches around my nose. 

Each bottle is rich with other buzzword ingredients which would attract any beauty aficionado, like Vitamin C and Aloe. When combined, the two miracle workers create the face of a newborn baby. I use it every day in attempts to achieve a youthful glow, so knowing I wouldn’t have to change my routine to test this cleanser was a plus.

Conscious Packaging is a Must

While it is pretty, Vonnie and Ro’s packaging could be more sustainable. Each of their products come encased in thick, two-part, cardboard boxes. In order to open them, a flat object needs to be inserted into the slots on the outer layer, and pushed down to reveal the internal container. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is. It took more time than it should have to open. The process could be simplified and made more eco-friendly without all of the extra steps. The good news is, their line probably has the strength to survive an earthquake.

Meanwhile, more time is required to actually pump cleansing milk out of its bottle. Each pump distributes a Barbie-sized amount of cream. So it takes multiple–multiple–pushes to retrieve enough to actually wash a human face. While this is more of an inconvenience than a moral dilemma, after the frustrating amount of packaging, the effort that goes into pumping adds salt to the wound. 

Do I like Vonnie and Ro’s Smooth Cleansing Milk? Definitely. Face wash that leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and moisturized altogether are a dime a dozen. And this is a product that would work for a multitude of skin types. But ultimately, I would prefer to endorse a brand that puts more thought into how their line affects the environment.

Emerald contributor since September 2019


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