3 Benefits of Switching to a Hemp Mascara

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If you are a cosmetic connoisseur, love to get glammed up for special occasions, or spend five minutes in front of the mirror each morning, you can agree mascara is one of the most important steps of a makeup routine. Mascara works to darken, thicken, and elongate your lashes to enhance your natural eye shape. 

With endless types of mascara on the market to choose from, finding the perfect mascara can be challenging. Choosing a hemp-infused mascara is an easy way to add hemp seed oil to your everyday routine. Here are three reasons why hemp-infused mascara is the ultimate choice for your lashes:

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1.  Hemp’s Wonderful Moisturizing Properties

Hemp has wonderful moisturizing benefits for the skin due to its amounts of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA). EFAs are known as the “good fats.” Our bodies cannot produce EFAs, so we must consume them in the form of food or supplements. Foods that are high in fatty acids include salmon, olive oil, eggs, avocado and nuts. 

A National Health and Nutrition Examination survey found that omega-3 deficiency is most common in adult and senior women. Some signs of omega-3 deficiency include dry skin, inflammation, poor concentration, fatigue, and joint pain.

Hemp oil is full of nourishing ingredients that are not only good for skin, but also work wonders for hair, including eyelashes. The high levels of vitamins and good fats help to strengthen your lashes resulting in thicker, fuller, and overall healthier-looking lashes.



2. Hemp for Lash Growth

Whether you’re looking to repair your lashes after the damage caused by lash extensions, or you just want to improve your natural lashes, hemp can help! 

The healthy number of vitamins and fatty acids found in hemp makes it perfect for growing your lashes. Found in hemp, vitamin E has been proven to prevent hair loss and protect the hair from damage caused by breakage

The key to seeing hair growth from vitamins and fatty acids is consistent use. Switching out your standard mascara to one infused with hemp ensures that your lashes will receive the care they need on a regular basis without adding any extra steps to your beauty routine. 

3. Say Goodbye to Clumpy, dry, and Flaky Lashes

If you wear mascara on a regular basis, it can become easy to continue layering on mascara to achieve long, thick lashes. You are probably no stranger to unpredictable flaking or accidental clumping. Using hemp-infused mascara eliminates this common mascara mishap.

When hemp oil is infused into mascara, it creates a creamier, hydrating formula that softens your lashes. Additionally, hemp-infused mascara contains healthy oils that do not dry out as easily as the standard mascara does. These oils aid in the prevention of clumping and crusting, while providing a smooth application. 


There are many ways to include hemp seed oil in your daily routine. A simple way to do that is by introducing hemp into your makeup. Now that you know the benefits of CBD mascara, think twice before you restock your standard favorite.

By: Izzybea Miller


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