A Little TLC for Over-washed Hands

Asheville hemp oil

Pictured above: The Asheville Hemp Project’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, by Wilma Faget (Velvet Nation) 



A drop of CBD per day can help keep anxiety away. But, when used topically, it also soothes agitated skin.

As such, I grabbed a bottle of the Asheville Hemp Project’s (AHP) Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil to help calm irritated skin. The oil is made with CBD extract, and olive oil. It also contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids, like CBDa, CBG and CBN. Though it’s meant to ingest orally, it can be used topically. 


Super-Plant Oils

Multiple studies show that, when orally ingested, CBD helps ease anxiety, and pain, according to Healthline

Research shows the cannabinoid is effectively reduces pain and inflammation when used as a topical. According to a 2019 study published in La Clinica Terapeutica, CBD is a safe, non-toxic treatment for skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. 

In that study, researchers examined patients who used CBD-infused ointment for three months. They found it reduced scarring, inflammation and pain, and improved skin elasticity and hydration

Olive oil is also beneficial for skin. According to the Olive Oil Council, for example, “[…] Olive oil has a large proportion of vitamins A, D and K, as well as vitamin E, the main source of protection against the free radicals that produce cell oxidation,” the council adds. “This makes it a good aid in specific therapies to treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and seborrheic eczemas.”

Additionally, research also shows that both cannabis and olive oil have antibacterial properties, which also make them great options for the epidermis. 

Tendering Loving Cannabinoids for the Hands

I have eczema, and use a combo of plant oils on my skin. I’ve found such oils help soothe irritated, itchy skin and prevent flare-ups better than over-the-counter or prescription treatments I’ve tried over the years. 

I thought my partner might also benefit from plant oils when he was diagnosed with psoriasis on his hands a few years ago. But, like many, he’s hesitant to try new products on his sensitive skin. Instead, he uses prescription ointment when necessary, which he finds effective. However, he can only apply the cream two-to-three times per day, at most. 

These days, constant hand-washing has further irritated the skin on our hands. So, we’ve needed a little extra help. Because AHP’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract packs a lot of plant power—1,500 mg per 1 ounce bottle, to be exact—we applied some on our hands. 

For two weeks, we put one drop on each hand, which proved plenty. Because it contains olive oil, it felt slightly heavy on the skin, so we made sure to use it conservatively, and rub in well. 

For me, my skin felt immediately more hydrated, and silky—not rough or scaly at all. And it’s lasted since I began using the oil regularly.

But, it took a few days for my partner to notice a reduction in inflammation in his psoriasis. After a week of twice, the patches on his hands were less red and itchy. His skin looked markedly smoother, and more hydrated.


AHP’s Oil is Regenerative, Through and Through

AHP‘s hemp oil helped rejuvenate our skin. Plus, they’re made in a way that’s good for the earth.

For example, their products are all made using organic, regenerative practices, according to the company. That includes planting cover crops, and rotating them year-round to re-vitalized soil.


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A third-party tests all of the companies products. Results are available on their website under each product description. They confirm the oil contains a variety of plant compounds, and is a full-spectrum formula.

Their products also come minimally packaged. For example, there’s no extra boxing or plastics to sort through, only the dropper bottle itself.

A 1 ounce bottle of AHP’s 1,500mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract comes in at $110 (or $75 for the 1,000mg bottle). Considering the CBD Awareness Project finds the average price for a 1,500 mg CBD tincture falls between $100 to $250—depending on quality—it’s a great price for the high-quality, sustainably-made oil. 

Altogether, the product earns 4.8 out of 5 stars!


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