Alchemy by Dark Heart

When the holy holiday of April 20th, 2015 passed, a clone nursery in Sacramento called Dark Heart launched their first line of botanical vape pens infused with cannabis. The line is called Alchemy, and it lights up a new direction for vaping.

DarkHeart-052Alchemy by Dark Heart’s leading lady Bradny Petricka says, “This pen is different from a lot of those offered to patients in that it combines cannabis oil and botanical extracts to enhance your experiences.”  The four products are Relax (indica, chamomile and lavender) to calm, Explore (floral sativa blend, jasmine and rose) to raise curiosity, charisma and confidence, Inspire (sativa, vanilla, sweet orange and clove, creating a “chai” essence) to enliven creativity and imagination, and Awaken (sativa, mint and citrus) to invigorate the senses. These vaporizers are both chic looking and a pleasing inhaling experience.

DarkHeart-083Alchemy is the latest lovely effort from the arbiters of excellent clones, Dark Heart Nursery, which has been providing premium clones since 2007.  According to Petricka, “All of our cannabis is sourced from our community of expert farmers.  The cannabis oil is extracted using a super-critical CO2 process. Our extractors use the highest quality equipment. Many of the botanical extracts are derived from the same CO2 process or with steam distilled extraction.”

DarkHeart-076Knowing the therapeutic benefits of terpenes, the alchemists at Dark Heart blend the many health benefits of cannabis and other botanical extracts such as lavender and jasmine. “It seemed like these mixes of botanicals brought about the perfect blend for wellness,” says Petricka. “We are excited to bring this product to the cannabis marketplace throughout California.  We believe  it starts to change the conversation in that our product is not strain based but experience based.  Through our process we create a consistent experience and taste that patients can depend on.”

DarkHeart-081This writer first crossed paths with Alchemy by Dark Heart at the 2015 Golden Tarp Awards in Redway, California. The experience was delicious and unforgettable. While many vape companies compete for the highest level of THC, Alchemy by Dark Heart’s pens were different. They were pleasant, tasty and enjoyable. There was no residual feeling of paranoia or anxiety after inhaling which made the experience all the better.  

DarkHeart-030Every pen carries an average ‘sip’ of 200-250 puffs. For those interested in trying Alchemy by Dark Heart, you can find them in Sacramento at River City Phoenix and in Mendocino at the Leonard Moore Cooperative. To learn more about Alchemy, or to become a distributor visit them online at .

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