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Concentrates is an umbrella term for cannabis plant extracts. It comes in various forms and consistencies. Waxes, shatters, oils and dabs are among the many forms of concentrates that have become more popular these days with the help of laboratory technology. The earliest known concentrate manufacturing began in East Asia. One ancient method was simply rubbing or crushing cannabis plants by hand or sieved through a fine screen. Hashish, which is a result of this process, was highly popular in the Middle Eastern region. Dry sifting separates the trichomes from other plant material. A finer powdery result called kief is heated and turned into hashish blocks.

The goal of making concentrates is to produce as much high-quality tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol as possible (CBD). More than 85 chemical compounds in cannabis have been identified as the sources of the plant’s psychoactive and medicinal qualities. THC can help with appetite, pain control and reduction of inflammation, and it can bring on a relaxing feeling. For its part, CBD can help control seizures, provides pain relief, enhances the mood and can help a patient relax. CBD can also help with vomiting and nausea.

Apothecary Extracts has devoted the its efforts toward producing the best concentrates. It started with an idea between friends. With the cannabis market in a steady push for legalization both in medical and adult use, they quickly established a team to start the company and build it into what it is today. The team believes that concentrates are the future for cannabis. Their focus is to create the best quality of extracts with a price everyone can afford.

Marketing director Brent McDonald himself grew up being aware of the medical benefits of cannabis treatment. He recalls, “I personally was introduced to cannabis at a young age. I had  high-school friend with serious medical conditions that chose to treat with cannabis. I witnessed the incredibly positive impact on his life as well as other patients. I began exploring the incredible benefits this plant has to offer and quickly chose to dedicate my life to cannabis.”

Not every concentrate product is equal in terms of potency, since the cannabis plant is influenced in growth by various factors such as soil condition, climate, temperature and humidity. Apothecary Extracts has its own farm to make sure its strain of cannabis produces ideal yield and terpene concentration. Indoor plants can have higher potency, and growers can have much more control. Outdoor growth usually results in lower potency. Brent swears by the potency and quality of Apothecary Extracts’ products.

“We started the project in 2015. Major milestones for the brand were winning eight cups our first year in business (including Dope Cup Best Live Resin). We offer wholesale and toll processing, and we have three dispensaries in Colorado that all have a ‘concentrate-focused feel’—Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver (coming Jan 2019). Our best-selling product is our Ambrosia, our version of live resin. We also do limited drops of our ‘Internally Flawless Series,’ where we grow incredibly large mono THC—a crystalline—and sell it by the carat. Each one comes in a custom commemorative box and weighs five to over 30 carats.”

For Brent and the rest of the team, their work at Apothecary Extracts is not just a job but a lifestyle. Everyone is passionate about their efforts and contribution, as evidenced by the company’s awards.

Brent believes the core team members live and breathe cannabis and the industry. He further explains, “We take extra steps to ensure that the product is cared for in the same way a grower cares for the plant. We built a climate-controlled van to pick up fresh frozen material that gets down to minus-20 degrees. We strive to continue to push the envelope and define what connoisseurs concentrates can and will be. I want to give a special shoutout to Jeff Cobb (extraction director), Shawn Russ (head extractor), Tyler Kirkpatrick (Sales Director) and 50-plus team members that set the standard at Apothecary Extracts/Farms.”

The process of making concentrates has gone far from dry-sieving of the past. Methods of extraction such as hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon processes are now available. Hydrocarbon extraction uses solvents like butane, while non-hydrocarbon extraction is done very similarly to the earliest methods, except the plants can now be frozen before being crushed or dry-sieved. Terpenes can now be processed more efficiently. Technological innovations have resulted in a bigger and more competitive market.

Brent is confident that Apothecary Extracts will continue to rise above its competitors. The key to the company’s success, as proven by its sweep of cannabis awards, is working with thorough understanding of the needs of patients and recreational cannabis users. It is only by a company putting itself in the shoes of those it serves that it can determine their needs as well as their preferences. After all, the cannabis industry of today was born out of compassion and the desire to heal.

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