Aster Farms and Coolhaus are Teaming up to Help Keep Pride Cool This June in L.A.

By Victoria Martinez

Photos provided by Aster Farms and Coolhaus

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During Los Angeles’ 2020 Pride Month, on June 17th-18th, cannabis enthusiasts can stay cool while benefiting L.A.-based LGBTQ+ charities with the purchase of limited edition treats.

Starting Pride Week, consumers can purchase Aster Farms’ Rainbow Chip Pre-Rolls, or a pint of Coolhaus’ plant protein-based ice cream. 

The two female-founded companies, Aster Farms—a sustainable cannabis brand—and Coolhaus—an ice cream company—are teaming up to offer the promotion, which is available exclusively at Sweet Flower Dispensary in L.A.

Aster Farm’s 1g Rainbow Mint Pre-Roll, and Coolhaus’ pint of EnjoyMINT dairy-free ice cream.

Coolhaus is on a mission to create an inclusive environment through its line of ice cream and frozen desserts. That’s why it’s founders, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, are teaming up with Aster Farms to match every purchase of Aster Farms’ Rainbow Chip Pre-Rolls with a donation to regional charities.

Sweet Flower will also match each customer purchase with a donation.

Coolhaus, which specializes in premium cookie sandwiches and pints of ice cream, has dairy-free options available for lactose conscious consumers. EnjoyMINT for All is dairy and GMO-free, and is also made with a plant protein-based peppermint base. Plus, it’s got a trail of chocolate cookie crumbs and a gooey, purple marshmallow swirl. 

Julia Jacobson, the founder of Aster Farms in Northern California, takes pride in using organic practices to grow high-quality plants that provide clean smoking experiences. 

Aster Farms’ 1g Rainbow Chip pre-roll is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Mint Chocolate Chip. The combo allows for a sweet aroma, in addition to chocolatey, herbal undertones. 

Sweet Flower, the Southern California-based dispensary, will be delivering Aster Farms’ pre-rolls and Coohaus’ pints throughout Pride Week. They are currently taking orders. The first 50 customers will get an extra treat.

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