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Mothers Genetics

A Passion for Seeds Takes Root   Mothers Genetics is an all-female run company that aspires to breed, preserve and sell rare cannabis seeds. The company celebrates the spirit and style of the founder’s mother, Angela Girling, a glamorous and rebellious dancer who made waves in the sixties throughout Europe.   “At a time when […]

Mendocino Collective

Mendocino Generations Collective

Autumn is a time in the Emerald Triangle when artisan ganja farmers delight in the sparkling colors and aromas that emanate from cannabis flowers ripening throughout their gardens. Organic sun grown purists like myself once counted down the days when these fresh buds would at last be ready for toking, since the prior year’s aging […]

emerald Hemp

Hemp and Ganja- Kissing Cousins? The Cross-Pollination Debate

“Absent intense research and collection of hard data that will be interesting to conduct as we move forward and funding becomes available, experts agree that a distance of ten (10) miles between hemp and marijuana fields is exceedingly appropriate to avoid cross-pollination.” While hemp and ganja are grown differently, and used for different purposes, they […]

Kerry Reynolds

Adventures in Cannabis Evolution with Rob Clarke

I’ve interviewed quite a number of people who love cannabis, but Rob Clarke was my first cannabis ethnobotanist. Ethnobotany is an interdisciplinary field that examines the ecology of plants and their cultural, social, and economic significance. Despite the austere-sounding title, Clarke struck me as someone who’s great to have at a party: amiable, genuine, and […]

Voting concept - Ballot box with national flag on background - Mexico

Dents in Mexico’s Prohibition

Pro-Pot Court Ruling Leads to Cannabis Possession and Cultivation Permits for Four Mexicans Dramatic transformation in cannabis policy is a safe prediction for 2016 not only for the U.S., but for our neighbors to the North and South as well. Canada’s newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a mandate letter to his Attorney General in November […]


The Emerald Cup Runneth Over

Twenty-one thousand cannabis lovers poured into the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to get their taste of The Emerald Cup this year. Some say the sheer size has changed the event’s character. But for me, The Emerald Cup will always be a family reunion and coming-out party for a long-hidden tribe of freethinking, earth-loving self-reliant outlaw farmers. […]

Sour Diesel (2)


Photography by Sharon Letts It was as if the local cafe has been lifted out of Garberville and transported to Rome or Paris. Italian is the language at a table of eight with their large backpacks piled in a corner. Nearby, a young couple converse in French, and several other tables are populated with Spanish-speaking […]

Rama Mama copy

The King of CBD

“The whole thing about cannabis and CBDs, it’s really awesome. We’re here in Southern Humboldt, and we kind of made this happen here. I don’t know if it was an accident or made to be, but it is.  So the best thing I can do is try to make it available to everyone. I wish […]

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