Barcelona’s Weed Scene: Choko club is the “IT” spot.

Technically, as in most places in Europe, cannabis isn’t legal in Spain. However, that doesn’t mean one can’t purchase it while on holiday there. The trick is just knowing where to go, and to keep in mind that it’s for “private consumption only”. It’s easy to find “legal weed” in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia – but each comes with a pricey membership fee, and it’s provided by private suppliers.

Purchasing weed is possible in Spain thanks to a loophole in a law, much like what happened in Italy: dealing cannabis is illegal in Spain but the law does not penalise growing it for private consumption nor setting up smokers’ associations. At least 700 smoker’s associations have sprung up in Spain due to this legal loophole.

Nightclubs have also started to join in the frenzy, and Barcelona’s Choko club is one of the favorites, for locals and tourists alike. The establishment, weed dispensary aside, is stunning: it has an art gallery, featuring local artists’ work as its decor, and spacious areas to relax and work. What sets Choko apart from its competitors, however, is that it develops its own genus of weed: the club has developed its own genetics team, and has already come up with 3 proprietary strains, including the beloved “Choko strain”.

The place only offers 6 kinds of strains, which change seasonally, but the quality, based on the stellar reviews found online from all different sources, is top notch. Some of the strains offered included Kandy Kush, OG Kush, and Critical Mass. The typical policy allows for 5 grams of cannabis per member, per day, and up to 100 grams per month. The prices usually range from $12-18 per gram, depending on the quality of the product. In some cases, these limits include “grams” of all types of products, but in many clubs and at the Choko specifically, the limit applies only to dried flower, and doesn’t stretch to cover extracts and concentrates.

Thanks to its knowledgeable, known to the public as “bud-tenders” helping customers pick their favorite genus of weed, to its spacious, relaxing indoor space to hang out, and its drinks and tapas bar, Barcelona’s Choko club is a must for any weed lovers visiting the capital of Spain.

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