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May 2018 Overview:

This past May, sales at medical dispensaries in Arizona were $56 million, a slight decrease of less than one percent from April. However, sales in Arizona have increased by 72 percent from the previous May.

Loose flower/bud contributed 46 percent of sales revenue for the month with $25.5 million in sales, at an average retail price of $7.67 per gram (pre-tax). Pre-rolled joints, which are tracked as a separate category, contributed another four percent of revenues with $2.5 million in sales.

Concentrates contributed 37 percent of revenues with a sales volume of $20.6 million in May 2018.

Vape products command $15.2 million in sales, which is a 74 percent share of the Arizona concentrates market and 27 percent share of sales across all categories.

Sales of edibles contributed 11 percent of sales last May. Like in other markets, Candy, which encompasses gummies, is the most popular edibles category and accounts for $2.5 million in revenue. In most other states, chocolates are the second largest category of edibles by sales, but Arizona’s market follows a different trend. Sales of infused foods, which include brownies and cookies, continues to surpass chocolates as infused foods earns more than triple the revenue of chocolates.

Medical dispensary sales revenue and change from prior month (April 2018) and same month prior year (May 2017):

May 2018 Sales Growth from April 2018 Growth from May 2017
Flower: $25.5M -3% 54%
Pre-Rolls: $2.5M -1% 87%


Concentrates: $20.6M 3% 101%
     •  Live Resin: $474K -25% 89%
     •  Oils: $536K -17% 8%
     •  Shatter: $3M 17% 223%
     •  Vape: $15.2M 3% 107%
     •  Wax: $862K 7% 28%


Edibles: $6M -3% 68%
     •  Beverages: $419K 1% 59%
     •  Candy: $2.5M -4% 54%
     •  Chocolates: $498K -9% 33%
     •  Infused Foods: $1.6M -4% 62%
     •  Pills: $194K 5% 364%
     •  Tinctures: $793K 3% 166%
     •  Topicals:          $549K 8% 101%


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