“Stop by Home Cooking in Redway and see what’s not cooking. Raw, Vegan, Local, Organic, To-Go,”

– Lindsay Eldridge

This 22-year old chef has whipped up an ever changing menu of raw, natural, organic food ready to go when you are. One call in to Home Cooking in Redway could order you a variety of well thought-out vegan entrées. The carrot-ginger soup, pictured below, is a fusion of lime, cashew, garlic, ginger and carrot. It’s of a thick consistency and can be served both warm or cold. DSC_2256
The Spiralized zucchini, pictured below, is topped with shredded carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans, and a Garlic-Tahini sauce. It is one of the many seasonal options that Bloom has on their rotating menu. As the seasons change, so does what blooms. Sourcing fresh produce from places such as Shakefork (p. 25) and other local organic farms in the county helps keep Bloom close to its mission of providing the community of Southern Humboldt with natural, healthy meals. 10669230_1550023268546026_4900851195209814847_o
In addition to appetizers and entrées, Bloom also has dairy-free, vegan dessert options. The apple cake, pictured below, starts off with an almond crust topped by cashew vanilla “cream”, shredded apples and date caramel sauce. You would never guess that there is no sugar added, all the sweetness comes from the dates.

The next time you’re in Redway, make sure to stop by Home Cooking – to see what’s not cooking!

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