Fronto King Cigars by Brant Hartsell

Break open the packaging of a Fronto King cigar wrap, and the sweet aromatic smells of all-natural, tobacco leaf prepare you for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The scent is subtle, unlike other synthetic, processed brands.

The Fronto King made my mouth begin to water as soon I began to unroll it. Something that definitely surprised me was the size of this wrap, which extends to approximately 21 inches — great for cannabis connoisseurs who prefer to cut their own blunts.

The Fronto King provides customers with a product that allows the consumer to determine the size of their smoking experience, and does not force you to discard leftovers. Convenient, considering I never find myself utilizing the entire blunt wrap from other companies because it just takes too much cannabis.

The Fronto King provides airtight packaging, which keeps your wrap fresh. If you find your wrap sitting around for a long time, simply mist it with a small amount of water until it reaches the preferred moisture. This is one of the benefits of utilizing 100 percent natural tobacco.

Smoking this was a treat, and honestly, made me feel somewhat classy. Each inhale was incredibly smooth. The tobacco flavor was perfect and complimented the taste of the cannabis. Overall, Fronto King’s 100 percent natural tobacco leaf cigar provides cannabis consumers with more control over their blunt smoking experience, and will have you feeling like true cannabis royalty.


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