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Dr. Kaufman

Doc Talks – Cannabis and Pets

Oregon-based Veterinarian Gives Her Expert Advice | by Art Cosgrove Dr. Moriah Kaufman is a veterinarian who works in the Portland/Gresham area of Oregon. She gave us a vet’s perspective on the efficacy and future of cannabis as a treatment for pets. Her opinions and views are strictly those of a scientist and do not […]

Dr.OGX crew


Photos by Edgar Frausto Meet the 2016 High Times Winner, Dr. OGX (pronounced Oh-Gee-Kush). This all-natural, cannabis-infused drink claimed First Place – Best Product at the Cannabis Concentrates Cup this January, and Dr. OGX is just getting started.   Steve Suh, President and CEO of Dr. OGX, generously shared some samples and sat down with […]

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Massage Your Bod with Green Garden Gold: Do It Yourself or Have Someone Help

Written by  Shannon Perkins Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil Body Massage Cream Green Garden Gold’s Hemp Oil – Coconut Oil Body Massage Cream is healthy and practical, perfect for everyday use. I’ve been using this cream for the past couple of weeks for basic day-to-day moisturizing and for emergency relaxation. It absorbs easily, leaving skin soft, […]

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The High Life

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -Mignon McLaughlin Hello, Emerald readers! Please tell me you’re as fed up with this heat wave as I am? I do not fancy being sweaty all the time unless, of course, it’s in the bedroom… Or the car… Or on the […]


Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Humboldt is one of the few counties in California on course to complete a “Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance” by the March 1, 2016 state deadline. Most cities and counties are “just saying no” and voting for a cannabis moratorium, which means they will default the state guidelines. Politics is like sausage. Enjoy the final […]


Cannabis Credit Union

One of the biggest obstacles to cannabis being a mainstream industry is the federal government. The feds classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 controlled substance effectively keeps all federally chartered financial institutions from doing business with anything cannabis related. The reality is the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) claims that cigarettes kill over 6 […]


In My Humboldt Opinion….

In My Humboldt Opinion opinion column Q: Many fear the legalization of marijuana for a number of reasons. What are our elected representatives doing to ensure that growing marijuana will be feasible in Humboldt County once legalization occurs? A: There was a recent meeting of the minds at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) […]

cannabis isolated on white from amsterdam

Book Review: Smoke Signals

Emerald Book Review: Smoke Signals By Molly Cate, Cannabis Columnist Welcome to our new cannabis book column! With so many states (and the District of Columbia) passing medical marijuana laws, decriminalizing or even legalizing the stuff, we thought to provide some guidance and information about this rapidly changing social scene. So, check in here each month […]


Emerald Review: Lucy

Lucy Lucy. Action/SciFi (rated R, 89 min). Starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi, Amr Waked. Directed by Luc Besson. Showing in Mill Creek Cinema (McKinleyville), Broadway Cinema 8 (Eureka) and Fortuna 6 Theaters (Fortuna).     Astute philosopher Bill Hicks once predicted that the next kind of human evolution would be that of the […]


The Power of Beauty

The Power of Beauty by Cristina Sandoval There’s legend told of a woman who purposefully destroyed her face to gain power. An ancient Chinese Taoist, and a rich wife of a merchant, Sun Pu-erh sought the path to enlightenment. There was one problem, though: she was far too beautiful. Her teacher, Wang Ch’ung-yang warned her: […]

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