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Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny

Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny Have you ever wondered how turned on you could get by, “Quiet sex?” Have you ever put off breaking up because of your joint Netflix account? Have you ever laughed about the Salem witch trials? You will. Because it’s funny, people. In case you don’t think so, don’t worry. Sherae O’Shaughnessy and the Ba-Dum-Chh comedy […]


The Danger of Ignorance

The Danger of Ignorance   Living in Humboldt County becomes easy to believe that we have little or no control over the rest of the state and the decisions of those in places of power. Because of this false sense of inconsequentiality, we often avoid news and information that either serves to reinforce those misconceptions […]


The Real Secret

The Real Secret by Cristina Sandoval Psst! Have you heard…the secret? You know, the key to life? The secret that’s supposed to unlock everything you’ve ever dreamed of? It’s kind of a big deal. Sound too good to be true? Well, it probably is. The real question is…do you know anyone that actually believes this […]



Occupied     The Eureka Courthouse is a place we all know and a place we all hope to avoid. It is hard to miss one of the biggest eye sores in Eureka and possibly in the whole county. What is all too easy to miss though is the microcosm of what is happening in […]


Gone but Not Forgotten‏

Gone but Not Forgotten   The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines memorial as “serving to preserve remembrance.” This weekend as BBQ is had and shoes are swapped for flip-flops we find ourselves in that classic ponderance of American life. Are we truly remembering the fallen soldiers who have made the greatest of sacrifice for us, or are […]

Internet security

Is Electronic Technology Moving Too Fast for Our Own Good?

Is Electronic Technology Moving Too Fast for Our Own Good?   Written by Jul Cornelio Astonishing progress in computer science alone within just this century has made our lives substantially easier in the world of commerce and in many other areas as well. We can literally take the Internet with us by using devices that work […]


Playing To Win

Playing To Win   Youth is a time of hard lessons and life-changing choices. It is your first impression of a world that can be cruel and unfair. It will take you from diapers to the DMV. There is one thing though that makes it all almost worth it- play. The schoolyards and playgrounds become […]


Small Towns and Rural Communities

Small Towns and Rural Communities Saving America’s Soul one Micro-Brew at a Time In the 20th century, we saw the sharpest decline in rural and small communities in the history of human existence. The hardship, lack of opportunity and big city luxury drove people to seek the faster paced lifestyle of the cities. This has […]


Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness from a Wandering Lost Coast Conservative Written by a Rabbit Valley Rebel I don’t smoke pot. When I was a kid, my brother was a “stoner,” and grew his own stash on our roof in suburban Southern California. I was more into sports and middle class life. I associated pot with the “counter-culture,” […]


Social Media Life

Social Media Life By Cristina Sandoval Do you remember passing notes in class to your crush in middle school? It usually went something like this: “DO YOU LIKE ME?”,  followed by two boxes, one labeled yes, one labeled no, with the directions to, “CHECK ONE.” Maybe you’d get caught by the teacher, or your crush […]

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