Bull Run Craft Cannabis

A Story of Love, Friendship, and Some Damn Good Herb

Written by Ashley Priest


The story of Bull Run Craft Cannabis started with the friendship between entrepreneur John Plummer, and master craft cannabis grower, Mike Scarborough. On their weekend sailing trips, it became apparent that Scarborough grew some of the dankest bud around. On the verge of legalization in the state of Oregon, Plummer proposed his friend take his skillset as a caregiver to medical patients into the pending recreational market.

How Bull Run Blazed into Existence

The next year consisted of planning, and recruiting Scarborough’s next-door neighbor, Steve Bailey, master grower, and co-owner of Bull Run.

The day that Oregon started accepting applications for recreational cultivation businesses, the team submitted theirs for consideration. Within 24 hours of the state’s acceptance of applications, theirs was approved — making Bull Run Craft Cannabis one of the first recreational cannabis cultivation companies in Oregon.

In-House Owner-Operated Quality

Since before the birth of Bull Run, its team had cultivated cannabis utilizing all-natural methods and organic pest-prevention techniques. This is something they still take pride in today.

Scarborough said that, “it’s very important to us that we grow the best cannabis we can while [having] the least impact on the environment as possible. I don’t think we’ll ever stop striving to do better.” Personal oversight helps to accomplish this, according to Plummer. “We’re owner operated at every step. We try to keep as much of the work in-house as possible — including trimming and sales — so we’re assured our customers [get] the best possible finished product,” he said.

Bull Run products are extensively tested. Though it is not required, the team has everything tested for terpene profiles and pesticides, as they know there is much more to cannabis than just THC. The team at Bull Run grows cannabis for terpenes rather than THC.

A Forever Farm

Bull Run Craft Cannabis is located in Boring, Oregon near the historic Bull Run watershed. The property was originally a lily farm, purchased by a Dutch immigrant in the 1920s. It’s also a certified organic fruit farm in addition to a craft cannabis operation. The team currently grows indoors, but they’re working on a hybrid greenhouse that will employ LED lighting systems.

All Bull Run’s cannabis is grown with organic techniques in a manner that supports sustainability and land conservation, from the custom living soil blended by hand on the farm to the slow cured drying process. “Quality is always the first thing on their minds,” said Bailey.

Education is Key

It used to be that consumers had to use whatever cannabis they could find. In states such as Oregon, however, this is no longer the case. There’s a big difference between cannabis that’s cultivated with the consumer in mind, and a plant that’s grown purely for profit.

It’s essential that consumers and patients alike understand that there is much more to cannabis than just high THC concentrations. That is why the team at Bull Run Craft Cannabis strives to work with retailers that provide guidance and continued education to all.

To learn more about Bull Run Craft Cannabis visit their website at BullRunCraftCannabis.com or contact Owner and Head of Operations John Plummer at john@bullruncraftcannabis.com.

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