Cabot Vineyards

Cabot Vineyards

-Jessica Lang-

We love creating wines in this beautiful, wilderness area of California. Cabot Vineyards has the northernmost vineyards and winery in California. We are surrounded by National Forest and a scenic river which makes our location ideal.   At our family-run winery we make wines as unique as the place they come from. With attention to detail, we allow the wine to display the pure characteristics of place and variety. We are a very small production winery which enables us to control quality in every step of the process. Cabot Vineyards is founded on the belief that making superior wines requires hands on craftsmanship.  Anyone looking for an authentic, pure experience will love these wines. Take an adventure into a remote corner of Northern California with Cabot Vineyards wines and taste the depth of character that Nature creates.


John & Kimberly Cabot


The first impression of an overly made-up individual often makes the true beauty hard to distinguish. The resemblance between an overly made-up individual and an overly made-up bottle of wine are one and the same. Oftentimes, the more popular expensive wines are conceived in new oak barrels. When wine is developed in older barrels, the authenticity of each grape is created. The new oak is characterized as make-up. Without all the make-up, what should a true bottle of naturally handcrafted wine taste like? “Our clients expect to taste the land’s characteristics and the soul of our vineyards in each bottle of wine,” John Cabot, the owner and winemaker of Cabot Vineyards expressed. John Cabot began as an organic produce farmer. With the influence of his friends, he began planting grapes in 1998. By 2001, the first commercial vintage of Cabot Vineyards was designed.

Cabot Vineyards provides the most organic winemaking process, from the planting of every single grapevine to the bottling of each flavor of wine. The land is essential to the identification of Cabot Vineyards. Each vineyard is delicately selected in harmony with its specific needs. John enjoys the craftsmanship of the winemaking process, but out of respect and love for the land of Humboldt County he allows the authenticity of the land structure each individual grape. He describes his grapes as, “beautiful with secondary characteristics”. The secondary characteristics are the uniqueness of the area which create balance and good structure. The unique characteristics of each vineyard influences the delightful flavor of each bottle of wine.

  John loves to work side-by-side with his kids, Aria and Reed, who each have a vineyard named after them. Aria’s vineyard was planted in 2003, the year she was born. In Aria’s vineyard you will find Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel. Reed’s vineyard overlooks the beautiful Klamath River valley. Involving his children in his passion gives them the opportunity to learn their father’s craft. Cabot Vineyards has made a mark in the wine industry and a legacy that will now be passed down from generation to generation. Cabot Vineyards’ success is purely a result of love for the land of Humboldt County. When you love and nurture your passion, only the best outcomes will prevail.


Cabot Vineyards continues to grow as they plan to expand their production. Soon they will be branching out and introducing a sparkling wine! Sparkling wine is a universal favorite. If you are looking for a smooth fruity flavor for this season, grab a bottle of their 2011 Zinfandel. Cabot Vineyards ensures that their clients keep coming back for more and more. I can’t wait to see what else is in the future for Cabot Vineyards as Aria and Reed get more involved!

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