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Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, joining together families and friends for a day of celebrating love and commitment to one another. Spending countless hours on every detail to make the wedding perfect, from the food to the decor to the cannabis?

While alcohol is a typical component of weddings, many brides are moving toward cannabis-inspired weddings, giving guests a unique alternative to enjoy during the festivities.

Irie Weddings and Events 

After spending her formative years in her mother’s florist shop, Bec Koop founded Irie Weddings and Events in January 2014. At the turn of legalization, she knew she had found a niche market. Fast forward to today, and Bec has joined forces with Madlyne Kelly and three support staff members to offer cannabis-friendly events in Colorado and California, with talk of opening a Northern and Southern California branch in the future.

Irie Weddings and Events specializes in providing wedding guests with high-quality bud-tending services, “buds and blossoms” cannabis-infused bouquets and other innovative ways to incorporate cannabis into your big day.

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Bud Bars 

The bud bar created by Irie offers customized cannabis strain options as well as various modes of consumption, including a dab bar with an e-nail, PAX Vaporizers and pre-rolled joints.

Guests are educated on proper consumption and dosing options to ensure a safe and responsible experience for both consumers and non-consumers at the event.

According to Bec Koop, “Seventy-five percent of venues prefer vaporizer consumption over smoking. If you are having an outdoor wedding, normally smoking is permitted outside.”

It is always important to be upfront with your venue to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Microdosing is also becoming a huge trend for cannabis weddings as many guests are commonly from out of town or less experienced users. The shorter length of the event can cause added concern with consumption.

Irie pairs with companies such as 1906 New High, specializing in “go” cannabis-infused coffee beans and chocolates that are 1 mg doses, as well as with Sweet Grass Kitchen, whose 2.5 mg buttermelts are a perfect addition to any dessert table.

Microdosing is a great way to incorporate cannabis into the event by offering guests a controlled high experience with less concern of over-consumption.

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Buds and Blossoms

For cannabrides who want to take the cannabis experience to the next level, Irie offers cannabis bud-infused bouquets and boutonnieres. This is a chic, classy way to delicately incorporate cannabis into your wedding without shocking the grandparents.

This year’s trends are focused on more greenery over blossoms as well as bright colors with almost no greenery. Adding cannabis leaves and buds to the mix can really brighten up any bouquet or floral arrangement at the event.


Many couples are starting to stand up for their right to legal cannabis consumption and would like to share those experiences with their guests. Cannabrides can now choose from custom-made, hemp-based wedding gowns from HighVibe Bride that include cannabis details in sashes, headpieces and veils. Lifted Karma Project in Seattle specializes in canna-chic jewelry that pairs perfectly with wedding attire.

Philip Wolf, CEO of Cannabis Wedding Expo, has been hosting events in Colorado and California where brides-to-be can be educated on all the ways to include cannabis into their weddings, from custom invitations to table decor, infused treats and more.

Today, nine states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws for recreational cannabis use. As more states continue to legalize, consumers will start to add cannabis into their wedding day, moving towards normalization of consumption.

Event-Planning Advice

If you are interested in incorporating cannabis into your wedding, one of the best tips from Bec Koop of Irie Weddings is, “Make sure you have a 420 dream team of collective vendors who share the same vision.” Working together with other like-minded companies and venues will ensure the success of the event. Irie recently teamed up with Kaya Event Designs in Denver, CO, to create a cannabis bridal styled shoot showcasing local vendors to create the modern-day vision of cannabis consumers in a wedding setting.

As more people become interested in these opportunities, more venues are coming forward as cannabis friendly and offering gorgeous spaces for weddings, including Lionsgate Event Center in Lafayette, CO, and the International Cannabis Church in Denver, CO.

Cannabis weddings are at the forefront of this movement and are bursting with creativity and opportunity. If you are interested in incorporating cannabis into your big day, check out these vendors to make your dreams come alive.

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