CannaCloset: 5 Moments when Fashion and Cannabis Collided

Cannabis is becoming fashion’s IT girl. From red carpets to concert arenas, celebrities are sporting the cannabis leaf on all different kinds of clothing and accessories, from spandex to expensive diamond-studded necklaces and earrings to  food at the most lavish events. Whether in the form of expensive or affordable items, weed really is stealing the spotlight, and A-listers are advocating for it through their fashion.

Jeremy Scott gave out hemp chocolate at NYFW.

Back in February of 2019, while presenting his FW19 collection, Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott passed Sakara Life hemp chocolates to the front row of his New York Fashion Week Show. These chocolates promise to channel the power of nootropics and adaptogens to help you be your most productive and inspired self. They work  as cognitive enhancers that boost brain power by increasing blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved focus and an energy boost–smart move on his part.

Miley Cyrus kicked off her Bangers tour in a pot-leaf-covered bodysuit.

Perhaps one of the most prominent advocates of cannabis consumption, the former Disney Channel star really managed to mix up the “best of both worlds”–her loves of cannabis and performing. Miley Cyrus kicked off her Bangers tour in Vancouver, Canada, while sporting a tight, marijuana-leaf-printed bodysuit, paired up with nude spandex tights and white cowboy boots. The singer/actress had quit smoking weed in early 2017, but she went back to it on her mother’s advice.

Bella Hadid wore a $5,000 ruby-studded Bulgari necklace adorned with marijuana leaves.

Last September, model Bella Hadid sported a “Happy Leaves” Bulgari necklace set with rubies to a dinner hosted by the jeweler. The model, one of the most in-demand fashion protagonists of the moment, captioned the photo with a cannabis leaf emoji.

Vanessa Hudgens rocked $4,250 Jacquie Aiche’s Sweet Leaf Hoops at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The former Disney star loves her pot and hasn’t been afraid to show that off with her clothing. She started sparking interested when, back in 2014, she wore a crop top that read “Dank” on it, the D being in the Disney font, and the A being a marijuana leaf. Then, at the MTV Video Music Awards, she wore marijuana-leaf-adorned earrings made out of pure gold and pave diamonds. Jacquie Achie, the brand selling the earrings, commented on the item: “The marijuana leaf is such a botanical beauty. I see cannabis more as a symbol of happiness and freedom than anything else, and so many people are beginning to see it this way too,” Aiche told the The Hollywood Reporter. “When worn on the red carpet, the glamour of Hollywood gives it an entirely new energy. It gives off this rebellious allure that’s irresistible.”


Alexander Wang brought pot leaves to his Fall, ready-to-wear, runway looks in 2016.

Alexander Wang has built himself a reputation for being fearless and outspoken, unafraid to be different. His solo first collection after ending his partnership with Balenciaga saw weed at the center of it, and he added black-and-white pot designs to mohair skirts and coats. The collection was an intricate juxtaposition of elements, such as when Mr. Wang paired up the black-and-white pot-leaf-covered skirt with a sweater reading “Strict” on it, or when he had another model sport a marijuana coat and a pink beanie with the word “Girls” on it.

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