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Visions of Cannabis: A Life Coach on a Mission

  Sarah Trapkus moved to Arcata in 1998 knowing She was going to put down roots.   From the time she was a teenager, She’d envisioned living on land, having a family and working with Cannabis. “Cannabis has always been in my life.  My parents we growers in the 60’s and 70’s in Big Sur. […]

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Hall of Flowers

The inaugural Hall of Flowers launches this month and we’re looking forward to welcoming you.  Let’s get to know each other better.   Who are we?   We’ve been working on this trade show concept for over four years, perfecting the logistics, regulations, and invite list so that you, as a buyer, retailer, or distributor, […]


Wine + Weed: A Budding Future

Northern California’s natural resources are legendary.               The frothy whitecaps of the Pacific, towering coastal redwoods, cellar-worthy wines and the most heady, emerald nugs in the world. To the perception of tourists, wine and weed might hail from the same breadbasket. But for Cali natives and those working “in […]



The Emerald Triangle Shares A New Cannabis Product: Education       Humboldt County is pulling back the Redwood Curtain to share two of their signature exports: clean, organic cannabis and generations-deep knowledge about the plant. And this one is all about the ladies. Celebrate is a cannabis conference focused on the women farmers, product […]


The Beauty Industry

The Multi-Billion Dollar Personal Health And Beauty Industry Meets Cannabis   Cannabis infused health and beauty products are growing in demand with positive cannabis reform laws taking place across the U.S., Canada and around the world. In fact, the global demand for organic personal care products is predicted to grow into a $13 billion dollar […]

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Forever Flowers Gets Fresh with the Cannabis Community   Forever Flowers is a film project created and directed by Erin Granat, a Nor Cal transplant living in Los Angeles. The movie portrays pot and the public in a realistic light, a standalone from the token stoner comedies or hard hitting crime dramas. Blending elements of Virtual […]


Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific is re-approaching the science of cannabis and helping to set standards along the way. The multi-faceted company is the first and only of its type. The California-based business was founded “to bring specific products to the market that no one else has,” said Emerald Scientific’s Director, Ken Snoke. Snoke, who has more than […]


Emerald Trade Alliance

Based in Eugene, Oregon, the Emerald Trade Alliance is a good example of what may be in store for the California cannabis industry now that voters in the Golden State have passed Proposition 64. Although currently serving mostly the Central Oregon region, this progressive and unique group offers membership to an eclectic group of canna-preneurs. […]

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Quality Control

Northern Emeralds and the Next Era                   Several decades ago, Hunter S. Thompson penned the phrase, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro,” as a highlight of what the uncertain and perilous times ahead would demand of its citizens. Several weeks ago I scheduled an […]


The Marijuana Business Conference – A look into the Future of the Industry

The 2016 election was a big shaker, a rumbler felt throughout the world. Cannabis victories across the nation were somewhat shadowed by the presidential contest. But cannabis won big, with residents of California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine voting to legalize recreational cannabis and residents of Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota approving various medicinal cannabis […]

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