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Warren Creek Farm

Warren Creek Farm  Pumpkin Patch and Produce Stand Story by Dave Feral | Portrait  by Alan Sanborn Our house is full of excitement as autumn arrives and the best produce that our local farms have to offer begins to reach the peak of ripeness. Fresh crisp apples, sweet rich corn, delicious, buttery winter squash and […]


Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is Raven Ridge Retreat Story by Nathan Butler | Photos by Larry Ulrich   Trinidad is one of the earliest settled villages on the North Coast. It boasts a rich sailing and pioneering history. The pleasant atmosphere and unique businesses will easily spirit away your afternoon. It teems with parks, […]


The Smitty

The Smitty Beginner’s Guide  to  Fly-Fishing and Camping  on The Smith River By Sean Jansen | Photo By Mario Vaden  The Smith River, on our North Coast, is one of the most majestic and mystical rivers that California has to offer. Flowing from the Northeast portion of Del Norte County, the Smith reaches the mighty […]


Jimmy Jeff Robinson

Jimmy Jeff Robinson By Nicholas Preciado Every Thursday night the locals of Willow Creek flock to the Forks Lounge to witness the late night “Voodoo Child” vibes oozing from Jimmy Jeff’s guitar. “Music is the most powerful thing I know,” says the 56-year old musician. “You can’t beat the power of music.” Jeff, an eight-year Willow Creek […]


BridgeFest 2013

After a two-hour drive from Arcata to Bridgeville via Kneeland, which we thought was only going to take 45 minutes, Scott Hilton and I arrived at BridgeFest. “No one ever comes from that way,” someone said to us. “Well we certainly know why!” Bridgefest is put on largely in part to support the local volunteer fire […]


Humboldt Tides

Humboldt Tides Surf Life On The North Coast Story and Photos By Sean Jansen The surf scene in Humboldt County is much different than any other county in the state of California. There is so much more that goes into a surf, than in a daily check that takes place, like in a county like Orange […]


Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny

Sherae O’Shaughnessy is F#?king Funny Have you ever wondered how turned on you could get by, “Quiet sex?” Have you ever put off breaking up because of your joint Netflix account? Have you ever laughed about the Salem witch trials? You will. Because it’s funny, people. In case you don’t think so, don’t worry. Sherae O’Shaughnessy and the Ba-Dum-Chh comedy […]


Take A Ride On The Wild Side

  Take A Ride On The Wild Side The Redwood Creek Buckarettes Take a ride on the equestrian side. Horseback riding with the Redwood Creek Buckaretts  makes for a darn good time in the sunshine. With a friendly atmosphere and experienced staff riding alongside you, the Buckarettes horseback riding experience is safe and suitable for […]


Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire: Bella Vita Fire Dance Company Humboldt County is generally supportive of alternative lifestyle choices and when it comes to dancing with fire, performers are met with grand applause. There are multiple groups in the area that perform with fire, such as the Humboldt Spin Collective and the Humboldt Circus. Now, a new […]


When in doubt, bring the Whiskey out!

When in doubt, bring the Whiskey out! A four course whiskey tasting event If there’s two things in life that go well together, it’s Whiskey and the Irish.  Twice a year Gallagher’s will cater a whiskey tasting event in Eureka at the Eagle House Inn. The event is officially sponsored by Young’s and Myrtletown Liquors. This […]

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