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Emerald Travels: Café

Café Sean Jansen Travel Columnist   What is a café? By direct definition from the Webster’s dictionary, a café is: a restaurant, usually small and pretentious. To us in the states, a café is a place you generally go in the morning or early afternoon to get yourself a coffee or tea, and most serve […]


Emerald Travels

Sticky Rice Pudding with Mangoes Sean Jansen Travel Columnist Europe and the United States are the two areas of the world that probably produce the most sweets in comparison to the rest of the globe. Or so that is what most think, and for the most part they are right. But what about elsewhere on […]

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Emerald Experience

Samoa State Marine Conservation Area Dunes and Friends for Miles   Jennifer Savage, Adventure Columnist You might not know you’re adjacent to an ocean conservation area – the beach stretches for miles in either direction with only subtle changes – but right off the Ma-l’el Dunes, south of the Mad River, lies one of Humboldt County’s […]


Emerald Travels: Cartagena, Colombia

Sean Jansen Travel Columnist  Going to school at Humboldt State University was great for my education and social life. It was mellow and laid-back, as well as crazy. And that could be said for Arcata’s nightlife as well, where my fellow classmates and I, friends, and sometimes professors would descend down to the local watering […]

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Emerald Travels: Caribbean

  Caribbean Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist  When you are in the Caribbean, it’s hot, and sometimes it’s quite hard to get out of bed and convince yourself to do something in the heat of the day. The best move is to wait until the sun goes down and for that simmering daily temperature to drop. […]


Emerald Travels

Emerald Travels Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist   What is it that you think of when the word traveling comes to mind? Is it adventure? Relaxation? Culture? All true and all different. And rightfully so, considering the variations of each country and what they all have to offer. Variation attracts all of us to leave our […]

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Larrupin’ Welcomes You In

Larrupin’ Welcomes You In Photos and Story by Bob Doran Larrupin’ welcomes you in. The place has a cozy, down-home feel. Part of it is the ambience of the place, warm colors everywhere, chic but funky, elegant but homey, good smells and good food emerging from the kitchen. Officially it’s The Larrupin’ Cafe, but it’s […]


Emerald Travels: China

Sean Jansen, Travel Columnist    China isn’t a country that celebrates many things you would consider relevant to most of us in the Western world. Their style and culture are so bizarrely different from our own that many of us would look at them as being something from another planet. And if their culture is […]


Get-Out-Guide: Treat Yourself

by Dana Murguia, Assistance Columnist   Treat Yourself To A Network  How to Meet & Network with Like-Minded, Local Business Women. Even If You Don’t Have the Time! Business events are a dime a dozen.  Making real connections with women of similar values who also help promote your business is a different story altogether. The After […]


Emerald Travels

By Sean Jansen, Columnist    The waters off of the South Atlantic coast are far from favorable for most of the year. From Southern Brazil to the southern tip of Patagonia off of the Americas, the water is rough, dangerous, teaming with sea life that would love to take a bite out of you. The […]

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