CBD-Infused Skin Care to Banish Your Acne

CBD for acne

From what seems like the beginning of time, acne has plagued our faces with its stubborn persistence. Stress, stress eating, pollution, and hormonal imbalances can all have profound effects on the condition of our skin and those pesky acne spots. Especially now in the age of “maskne,” our faces are in desperate need of some TLC, or better yet: some CBD.

What Research Has to Say:

According to collected research in volume 24 of the Dermatology Online Journal, CBD can help make the production of our natural skin oils like sebum lessen. For people with acne, less excessive oil production means a decrease in the amount of acne. Acne isn’t solely dependent upon sebum production, but excessive sebum is a delicious food source for the acne already on your face. This journal also cites a study that states that CBD could help alleviate skin redness. For those suffering with super red, irritated skin, CBD might be a great relief.

As cannabinoid-based skincare grows in popularity, there’s a new market for those who are interested in what CBD has to offer, but who might also suffer from skin conditions like acne. Here are some acne-targeted CBD products to consider:


Cleansers for Acne-Prone Skin:

Kushly’s CBD Skin Care Facial Cleanser ($41.50) has a super simple ingredient list and is promising for those with sensitive skin. It also contains 20 mg of CBD and witch hazel to fight off acne.

CBD for acne

Courtesy of Kushly

Another great cleanser for acne-prone skin is Fitish’s CBD Gentle Face Cleanser ($37). Aside from the benefits of CBD for acne spots, this cleanser could calm down inflamed pimples with the help of aloe and green tea. 

CBD for acne

Courtesy of Fitish

Creams with CBD:

Topical creams can be great to incorporate into a nighttime routine. As you sleep, they work their magic. One acne-targeted product is CBDMEDIC’s Acne Treatment Medicated Cream ($29.99). This cream features 1% salicylic acid as well as 200 mg of CBD to fight acne. Bentonite clay is a cult-favorite ingredient for its ability to dry out pimples and absorb some of the dirt and oil in our skin. This brand also has an acne-targeted CBD foaming face wash.

CBD for acne

Courtesy of CBDMEDIC

Another good cream for acne-prone skin is Veritas Farms’ Full Spectrum Mattifying Blemish Cream ($35.99). For those with especially oily skin, this cream might help keep those oils at bay throughout the day. It contains 200 mg of full-spectrum CBD, amino acids and Vitamin A.

CBD for acne

Courtesy of Veritas Farms

CBD Anti-Acne Masks:

If you’re looking for a solid face mask for a self-care day try out Soul Addict’s CBD Honey Mama Manuka Mask ($16.80). With all-natural ingredients and 200 mg of CBD, this mask promises to soothe and brighten. Manuka honey is naturally antibacterial, can help maintain the pH of your skin, and softens your skin all in one go.

CBD for acne

Courtesy of Soul Addict

If you’re more of a sheet mask person, Mantra Mask makes the CBD Blemish Mask ($15). Along with 30 mg of CBD, this mask also has a bunch of skin-soothing ingredients like niacinamide, Canadian willow herb, and green tea EGCG. Combined, these ingredients are anti-inflammatory and especially calming for irritated skin.

hemp for acne

Courtesy of Mantra Mask

CBD Spot Treatment:

CBD spot treatments are rare to find. This treatment ($24) by Vermont Organic Solutions offers 200 mg of CBD and highlights turmeric as one of its main anti-acne ingredients.

CBD for acne

CBD Serum for Acne: 

Barecat’s Revitalize and Repair Serum ($25) promises to help rejuvenate the skin and potentially alleviate some of your stubborn acne spots and marks. With 200 mg of CBD, this serum is also packed with coconut oil and apricot oil making it a super hydrating option for those suffering from dry acne-prone skin. 

CBD for acne

Courtesy of Barecat

It can be especially discouraging to not find that holy grail skin care product that cures you of your sins and wipes away any trace of a pimple. CBD-infused skin care might not be the end all be all, but it could help your skin significantly recover.


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