Church of England to Invest in Medical Cannabis Industry

With cannabis becoming increasingly less taboo, it’s no surprise that some big names are popping out of the woodwork in financial support of the industry. Celebs from Whoopi Goldberg to Mike Tyson have dipped their toes into the business ventures within the industry, and now, a surprising new investor has joined the fun.

The Church of England has officially made known its advocacy and plans for financial support within the medicinal industry. Having acknowledged the positive effects the flower has had on people suffering from illnesses like cancer and anorexia, the church has begun to accept cannabis as a means to help relieve some severe symptoms.

Not to be mistaken though, the C of E is not quite ready to accept doobies as donations just yet. “We make a distinction between recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis,” Edward Mason, head of responsible investment at the Church Commissioners, told the Financial Times. “We are content with it being used for proper medicinal purposes,” he continued.

With the Church having approximately £8.2 billion in investment portfolios, the relaxation of their self-imposed ban on cannabis ventures would have an immense impact on not only the financial side of things but also on destigmatizing cannabis culture as a whole.  The more funding and support the industry receives, the more anti-flower darksiders will begin to see the light.

As cannabis’s effects on health, the economy and overall well-being are recognized not only by users but also by “higher” powers, a world rid of cannabis stigmatization seems only a few puff-puff-passes away.

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