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Cannabis is making the news every day. Stories of advocacy and legalization are everywhere. The West Coast has opened its arms to cannabis consumers. California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado all have adult use cannabis laws in place — but, go to the East Coast of the U.S. and unfortunately, it’s a different story.

The green scene on America’s East Coast is at a crawl. From east to west and everywhere in between, medical cannabis patients exist. Many times, these individuals become driving forces for legalization in their states. They are sick, and their families tired and worn down — yet — they advocate. They rally for change from the streets of their hometowns to the steps of capital buildings. Here’s a different look at cannabis in America from coast-to-coast.

Jill Swing lives with her daughter, Mary Louise Swing, a little girl who suffers from epilepsy, in South Carolina. Jill is the founder of the South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance. She organizes events and shares updates and news about cannabis. Her daughter is very responsive to cannabis treatments, like so many others. The challenge now for Jill is to reach the eyes and ears of the elected officials in South Carolina and beyond.

Andy Hull, Florida resident, wouldn’t be able to walk if not for Full Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO). When he broke his back, cannabis helped when other medications failed. Andy is the founder of The Hope Grows Foundation where he advocated in states like Colorado and Louisiana, helping to bring awareness to medical cannabis. He created the Dabsolute Pen and sells Holy Anointing Oil (in Colorado) — the same products he uses every day to treat his medical conditions.

Seth Green has cerebral palsy (CP) and lives in Tennessee. There are no laws which allow medical cannabis use in his state. While on a trip to Colorado, Seth found that FECO oil helped control his seizures and the chronic pain associated with CP. He finds some relief from CBD products, but said nothing is as effective as FECO oil.


Lisa High is a medical cannabis patient that lives in Kansas and Colorado. She travels to Colorado each month, where she spends one week at a time to medicate legally. Lisa suffers from severe scar tissue from a condition called a Placenta Percreta. She also suffers from PTSD and anxiety. Not long ago she was confined to a wheelchair and had to wear a helmet. She was prescribed 110 oxycodone every 11 days, and six Fentanyl suckers daily.

Cannabis saved her life. Today, Lisa advocates for medical cannabis acceptance as The Green Life Granny.

Genevieve and Mike Robinson live in California. Genevieve suffers from epilepsy and autism. Mike used cannabis in the past to combat cancer, epilepsy, and opioid addiction successfully. Today he uses cannabis to help combat epilepsy, and a recent diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

Mike has a compassion alliance that re-gifts CBD when donated and available. This is how he came into Genevieve’s life. Today Genevieve and Mike have found drastic relief from cannabis — not to mention, each other. Mike is also the Director of Operations for the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Check out their full story on titled “Genbug: The Cannabis Love Story of 2017.”

Cannabis knows no borders. From the East Coast to the West, there are millions of patients that stand to benefit from this plant medicine. It’s time to make that change globally, not just coast to coast.

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