CSI: Humboldt

Need to know the strain of your plant but don’t feel like waiting two months to find out its sex? What if you get a male when you wanted a female plant? Leave it up to the Nspecta and his team at “CSI:Humboldt.” His all-female team can help escort you and your plants to the feminized direction.

“My buddies would joke around [and say], ‘we’ll send these cuts to CSI: Humboldt’,” said Nspecta, 40. For more than a decade, his standing reputation online for tracing  strains inspired him to search for the closes possible source. His love for feminized plants blossomed in his quest for knowledge and so did his idea to share this knowledge with the rest of the world.

Growing up in the region of Willow Creek, Calif., Nspecta was always around cannabis because of his father and relatives.  “I remember being eight to 12 watering my uncle’s outdoor patch,” said Nspecta.

His dad started to grow as early as the 70’s, and come 1980, dabbled with a new trend emerging at the time: Indoor growing.

“I grew up in a family where the clone trade started early on, in the early 80’s, so we had clones from Oregon and Washington and all parts of Northern California that had been bred or sprouted from seeds from, probably, the late 70’s all the way up to the mid-late 80’s and I just fell into that,” said Nspecta.

With so many different strains from vastly different regions, he grew curious as to where these plants originated.

“I’ve just kind of always wanted to learn as much as I could [about] where these different plants came from because there are so many different varieties in the plants,” said Nspecta.

Around 2004 Nspecta turned to the cyber world for more information. Through forum and cannabis networking sites, he grew a following. Instead of learning and being the student online, much of the time, he turned out to be the teacher.

“He has the ability to know genetics just by its appearance,” said Kanza, 31, Nspecta’s friend, “He’s accurate and can articulate differences and that only comes from experience.”

In 2006 Nspecta contemplated opening a seed company but because of the climate and politics of the time, decided it would not be the best idea. Instead, he pursued a new chapter in his life: Feminized seeds.

“A lot of feminized seeds have been made from genetics that are really unsuitable for feminizing. Sometimes those same genetics, if grown indoors, are really poor, or hermaphroditic […] but if you grow those same seeds outdoor, you end up with 99% female plants, if not more, depending on the genetics,” said Nspecta.

Because of laws restricting outdoor grow operations in the U.S., much of the marijuana produced in America comes from indoor farms. This adds a lot of stress on the plants, which has led to falsified information on feminized seeds.

“The U.S hasn’t accepted feminized seeds,” says Nspecta.

Unlike the U.K., where 90% of the weed sales comes from feminized plants, this stigma has repelled many growers to this day.

“It’s a little hypocritical to hate on feminized seeds when a lot of the backbones of these companies come from feminized seeds,” said Nspecta. In order to change a misconstrued outlook on feminized plants, Nspecta decided to take his buddies idea and bring “CSI:Humboldt” to life.

The 2014 San Francisco High Times Medical Cup was his test run to see just how people would accept his female friends. “It was eye opening,” said Nspecta, “I have such a reputation online that I realized, at that show, that nobody in the real world even knows who I am.” A year and a half later “CSI: Humboldt” has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram and ships seeds worldwide.  

The lack of seed companies on the market that offer the same variety of genetics as CSI: Humboldt, makes the brand one of a kind.

“When he first started he was just offering purely feminized genetics, now he’s branched into to your standard male and female seeds, so, he’s began to offer wider range of products,” said Kanza.

When it comes to “CSI:Humboldt,” Nspecta looks at it as a service to people, “at the end of the day I always want people to be 100% happy with what they get and what they grow from my seeds.”

With an ambitious and charmingly knowledgeable brain behind the operation, CSI: Humboldt’s future looks bright and so does feminized seeds. Next time you are at a cannabis cup, check out the booths that are tabling, maybe you will get a glimpse of the inspector himself.  

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