Farms of Trinity Forests

by Patrick Maravelias


While some areas like Humboldt County are reigning kings of cannabis cultivation, other areas like Trinity County are giving growers a run for their money.


Olivia and Scott, the owners of Farms of Trinity Forests, started their company a little more than two years ago, and have since grown to possess one of California’s very coveted commercial grow permits.


“It might not stop all law enforcement from messing with me,” said Scott, “But I have a piece of paper stamped by the county with a seal on it that says commercial cannabis, that says I’m supposed to grow this.”


These permits have been widely applied for but rarely given out. However, amidst years of turmoil and sitting on pins and needles waiting for the cannabis laws to change, these permits are the next real step towards growing cannabis completely legally in California since the passage of Proposition 64 in November.


“We could never have what we have now if [legalization] hadn’t happened,” said Olivia. “We could never have had a piece of that legal pie if the laws hadn’t changed the way they have.”


Olivia and Scott grow cannabis in Hayfork, California. They produce light-dep flowers as well as several different concentrates, made out-of-house with companies like Humboldt’s Finest and Casa Fuego. They recently brought their terp-sauces to the Chalice Cup and spent the day giving out free dabs and signing people up for their collective.


While among some of the highest-grade indoor flowers in the world, Olivia and Scott had some of the only light-dep flowers to be seen on the floor, a huge relief for the average consumer who is not looking to pay more than $55 per an 1/8 of flower.

“There’s more high quality product to work with up here,” said Olivia “In L.A. it’s like grabbing what you can from an indoor bud.”


“That was definitely our biggest eye opener going to Chalice,” added Scott. “I think out of every vendor there was one other vendor that had good dep and I went up and gave the guy a hug.”


Trinity County is unique in that it’s often passed over when thinking of or dealing with the Emerald Triangle. Similar to Humboldt and Mendocino, the community is small, and supportive.


Farms of Trinity Forests in particular is actual neighbors with the owners of Botanika, whose flowers and bubble hash were also featured at Chalice Cup.  


“We all happen to be good friends,” said Scott. “Every one of us has been down in the ruts more than once and been pulled out by our buddies.”


Farms of Trinity Forests just harvested their first round of light-dep, look out for their Lemon Larry, Sour Star and Double Sour grown from seeds developed by Rebel Grown Genetics.

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