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Just one week after Florida health officials signed guidelines for edible cannabis products, THC-infused candies have officially hit the market in Tallahassee. 

The change came nearly three years after Florida voters passed a law carrying out a 2016 constitutional amendment legalizing medical cannabis. 

Who? What? Where?

The first edibles on the Florida market are available at Trulieve Cannabis Corp in Quincy, Florida. Trulieve was also the first company in the state to sell flowers just days after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law removing the state’s ban on cannabis. 

According to a press release, Trulieve received approval for its first line of edibles after years of requests. Officials said the regulations were delayed until now because while Florida’s medical cannabis industry started in 2017, the state lacked a reliable testing regimen for THC in edible products.  

What This Means for Patients

According to the Medical Patient Program, there are currently over 224,000 medical cannabis patients across the country. 

While these patients span across virtually every demographic, some users receive more benefits from edibles than smoking as it is often easier to ingest and is less harsh on the lungs. 

As explained by a Nice Guys Delivery article, “When you inhale cannabis smoke, you are inadvertently inhaling other toxins that can cause damage to the lungs. People with weak lungs or medical conditions that affect their lungs can experience the benefits of marijuana without having [to] inhale by consuming edibles.” 

Many users also report that edibles have longer-lasting effects and give more of a “body high” than other consumption methods, which may be preferable for those suffering from chronic pain. 

What to Expect

The first product to hit Florida shelves is Trulieve’s TruGel blue raspberry gummies. 

The first sale went to Arnold Lawson, a local veteren and cannabis patient. 

“I am excited to be part of Trulieve’s special day. As a patient and as a member of the community, it was important for the state to release this form of medical cannabis for patients like me that rely on this relief,” Lawson explained in a press release.  

“Having access to the medication that is easily taken, in a measured way, provides me with better access to the medicine that has been proven to work for my ailments,” said Lawson. 

According to Orlando Weekly, Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers predicts that the consumable products will account for an increase in the number of patients, as well. 

“We think that folks who could benefit from medical cannabis have simply been waiting on the sidelines because they haven’t seen a product or a product format that they are interested in,” she stated. “So, we do believe this will add to the explosive growth we have already seen in Florida among medical patients.” 

The Department of Public Health has issued guidelines for the edibles products as well. 

The regulations, which go into effect immediately, are fairly standard basics for a medical state.  Rules will ban icing, sprinkles, and virtually anything else resembling commercially available candy in order to minimize attraction to children. Products will also need to come in uncolored,  geometric shapes, and must be packaged properly.

All things considered, If you’re planning to try out edibles, it’s always advisable to start with a low dose and work your way up in order to avoid any uncomfortably long, or strong effects. 

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Written by Rita Thompson


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