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Flowers on Flowers is a San Diego based company taking floral arrangements to new highs.

Leslie Monroy, creator, founder and CEO, describes Flowers on Flowers: “It’s a collective creative florist group. I love showing off other people’s designs and abilities.” And sharing the love. Proceeds go to two charities currently, and Monroy is hunting for a third.

The concept grew organically. Monroy said the idea for a bud bouquet business came to her while getting high between floral classes. Originally, she dubbed it 420 Bouquets, but Monroy found that a lot of people, especially after a joint or two, had a hard time spelling the word bouquet. So, after much research and name play, Flowers on Flowers emerged.

  The collective connects businesses and products for special events including weddings, as well as personal gift giving. Their best seller is the “I’m Sorry” arrangement. That’s an apology worth considering, if only for the cannabis. Monroy said her favorite part of the job is the smell, “It’s a whole new world of scents. I love how grow rooms smell anyway. And a grow room with other flowers like roses make it that much better.” Flowers on Flowers’ mission statement is that, “all plants are created equal and therefore deserve a chance to shine together.”

  Alex Bickham of Flora and Fauna Design is the lead designer working with Monroy to provide unique, dank and delicate displays of flower power. All flowers, including the ganja, are sourced from local farmers. There is a variety of arrangement styles to choose from like anniversaries, basics, and birthdays. Custom orders are welcome, and special holiday arrangements and gift baskets rotate with the seasons. Delivery services extend to the Southern California area, from San Diego through Los Angeles, and items arrive within 24 – 48 hours of order. Flowers on Flowers is powered by a staff of six people who do everything from creating arrangements to personally delivering the finished masterpieces.


  With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Flowers on Flowers offers these luxurious, infused products as well: chocolates by Medibons, bath bombs by Amore, and bath salts by Ganja Chica. Throw pillows with the images displayed here are a new item coming out for the lovers’ holiday, for classy couch sessions. Other weed-themed, look-alike items like bud earrings, keychains, hat pins, and buds on buds earbuds can be added to any order. If you’re looking for a way to combine your love of cannabis and the love of your life, have Flowers on Flowers do your wedding. With table toppers, bridal bouquets, hair adornments, and bud boutonnieres, all your loved ones can get to your level, high on Cloud Nine.


  The cannabis is all indoor grown and comes mostly from Southern California farms, except the OG Kush from Mendocino County. Arrangements contain ⅛, ¼, ½ ounces or more of beautiful and precisely trimmed buds carefully placed on stems for easy removal. At least three strains, one Sativa, one Indica, and one Hybrid, are available at all times. Right now, the selection includes Girl Scout Cookies, Silver Haze, and OG Kush. Monroy said they try to always have OG Kush on hand. Coincidentally, when asked what her personal favorite strain is, she answered “OG Kush. It’s always on my roster, it’s a high-winner.”


  Here’s another reason to feel good about giving this ganja gift: proceeds from every order go to charity. Since their beginning in the summer of 2016, Flowers on Flowers have contributed to the American Society for Deaf Children. They expanded their charitable giving to include sponsoring the City of Angels, a children’s orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. In December 2016, Weed for Warriors were the recipients of Flowers on Flowers’ proceeds from a special event at San Diego’s Veterans Museum in Balboa Park. Now, Monroy is looking for a third charity to support, specifically a program dedicated to keeping music programs in underprivileged schools. The cause of her generous nature? “It was just the way I was raised. I can’t not give,” Monroy said, shattering the lazy stoner stereotype.

  Currently, one must have a California 215 to order and receive the arrangements, but as the legalization of cannabis under Prop 64 takes effect, Flowers on Flowers will adjust and embrace the changes so that more flowers are available to more people. Monroy was skeptical about Prop 64 and the impact it might have on her business, but she says legalization may allow more opportunities like event work, so, she’s keeping an open mind.

  If you’re keeping it classy, check out the aromatic ganja gifts by Flowers on Flowers.

To order an arrangement, learn more, or get involved with the collective, visit: or on INSTAGRAM @flowersonflowers420

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