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image2 (3)Gentlemen’s Blaze is an online glass gallery that started out as a side hobby on Tumblr. It was, and still is, a website that showcases high-end smoking devices, blazers, and suits. The founder, Preston Chavez, always had a passion for cannabis and the arts. Over the years Chavez realized that a cannabis gentlemen’s club was not only a sophisticated notion, but that it also satisfied a niche of smokers. That’s when he decided to combine his two favorite things: men’s fashion and glass art.

The original thought behind Gentlemen’s Blaze was to promote blazers and smoking jackets alongside functioning glass art. It didn’t take long before Gentleman’s Blaze grew in popularity and became an affiliate for several online head shops.

Gentlemen’s Blaze promotes the image of class and high society in the cannabis world. The configuration aligns with ladies and gentlemen who see cannabis is a mature substance. Cleaning up the image of cannabis took precedence in building the foundation and fashion side of Gentlemen’s Blaze. Future plans for growth include having a full line of suits and blazers made entirely from hemp.

With the growing acceptance of legalizing recreational cannabis, Gentlemen’s Blaze is looking to bring the glass collection from its online gallery into the homes of sophisticated users everywhere. Similar to what’s known as Tupperware Parties, Blaze Parties are aimed to assist new cannabis users in gaining knowledge and experience in various forms of cannabis consumption. A Gentleman will co-host with the party planner to demonstrate the many ways cannabis can be used. The Gentleman will also explain the benefits of different forms of cannabis, as well as the effects of different strains. While these parties offer many educational benefits to new users, experienced users will enjoy testing a multitude of different glass pieces before purchasing new ones for their collection.

Gentleman’s Blaze looks forward to expanding as cannabis grows in popularity. With ladies and gentlemen in mind, they are proud to set the 21st century standard for high class smoking society. Gentlemen’s Blaze will continue to promote its online glass gallery and smoking jacket line and hopes in the future, you’ll join them too.

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