Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Awareness of the healing qualities of the Cannabis sativa plant has begun to spread, thanks to a better understanding of the various ways its derivative, hemp, can be employed within the medical community. More and more people are starting to see improvements in ailments that have plagued them, from anxiety to arthritis, through the use of CBD oil in lieu of prescription drugs. Veterinarians have seen these benefits in dogs as well.


Although research was stalled for many years, due to confusion and demonization of hemp, the change in perception of Cannabidiol, or CBD, has helped create a new wave of interest. It is extracted from Cannabis sativa in a way that allows for it to have a negligible amount of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive substance in cannabis that CBD oil lacks. This means that CBD oil cannot make your dog high, but it still offers the healing and preventative properties of the plant.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that is directly tied to their central nervous system and immune system. Because of this, they see many of the same positive outcomes that humans do with the introduction of CBD to their systems. CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain, and CB2 receptors in the rest of the body, such as in organs and muscles.

CBD supports these interlinked receptors and can have several positive effects, including promoting the healthy growth of cells, regulating neurological responses, and upholding cell health. Regardless of a dog’s age or activity level, daily introduction of CBD has shown the potential to protect the body from free radicals that can cause cancer, and it can lower inflammation and alleviate pain in dogs that have arthritis or are recovering from surgery.

Can CBD Help Dogs with Cancer?

The short answer is . . . maybe.

Although there is still a lack of clinical data to truly determine CBD’s effect as a treatment for cancer or as a preventative option, there is anecdotal evidence that is grounds for optimism.

Because CBD is known to support the immune system and regulate cell health, it is a promising factor in the prevention of cancer. The National Cancer Institute has reported on studies and anecdotal evidence that shows its benefits in cancer symptom management, and some studies have even seen tumor reduction after the regular use of CBD.

In many ways, CBD is still a new frontier, but it is a promising one. Whether it is used as a preventative supplement for healthy dogs or a treatment for those with ailments, regardless of age or activity level, there are numerous ways in which your dog’s health can benefit from CBD.

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