High Activities: Drag Pasta Lessons

Opening with the bang of cabinets slamming, the slap of dough on a cutting board and the boom of corks popping, drag queen and pasta pro Cissy Walken gave New Yorkers an incredible show at cooking studio Freshmade last week as part of the Freshmade After Dark series of adult classes. 

If you’re an intrepid consumer of the finer arts of drag, this is probably the greatest thing you can find this side of Pride, and if you like pasta, its the greatest thing you can do on any odd weeknight.

We trudged over to the SoHo digs of Freshmade on a springy evening to see the show and get handmade pasta lessons—and it was an incredible treat.

After a petite joint of Headband on the walk over to set the tone, arriving to this hybrid show/practical lesson was jarring in the best way, like walking into a live TV show or some type of reality set—it was awe-inspiring and funny.

Cissy moved, shook and sang a solid set of jams while singlehandedly (at times) hand-preparing farfalle from flour to finished product. Being perfectly buzzed made the labor of rolling and shaping dough into little bow ties a bigger joy than could have been planned for.

This is the perfect high activity for a raucous weeknight with friends, and you get to eat a big plate of perfect pasta at the end. Your munchies will approve.

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