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Welcome to HighLights, the show that brings cannabis, cuisine, culture and cultivation right to your screen. Covering essential facets of this budding industry, HighLights is brought to you by the creators of Edibles, Emerald, Honeysuckle, and MARY Magazine.

Join us for an illustrious roundup of some the industry’s best leaders and influencers in episode 4 of Highlights.

Watch Emerald and Honeysuckle‘s founders, Christina de Giovanni and Ronit Pinto, talk with influencer, Jessica Golich, as they discuss the mindful and creative effects of cannabis, indoor cultivation in Detroit’s cannabis atmosphere, LGBTQ+ rep in the industry, and the emerging fame of Tik-Tok. For those looking to follow in her footsteps, listen in for advice on how to materialize into the influencer industry.

In this episode, the group also speaks with the eloquent Jet Setting Jasmine, award-winning adult film star, healer, and overall intellect. Jasmine speaks about cannabis from the perspective of a mother and health practitioner, the racial intricacies of the industry, and the ways in which it intertwines with criminal justice. Watch John and Tala Salley, founders of Deuces 22, discuss the creation of their cannabis brand and how to ensure authenticity, break stigma, and dive deep into athleticism as it pertains to cannabis. Also joining us is Courtney Mathes, CEO of Cannabis Doing Good, who speaks of the recent initiative to raise $15,000 for the cannabis community, and more!

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