Welcome to Humboldt Bar & Grill, Garberville’s perfectly posh sports bar and restaurant. Once inside, you’re immediately engulfed by brightly colored walls and seductive black leather seating, an alluring choice made by owners Alden Akselsen & Julia Foote.

On the south side of the restaurant is the sports bar, stocked with a wide variety of beer and wine from both in and outside the country. The walls are painted an inviting orange color with a hint of red accented throughout. The bar-top, which was the only item kept behind when renovating, is of a burl slab that has been polished to the point of reflection. Several flat screens hang on the walls so you can experience the full effect of the game.

On the north side of Humboldt Bar & Grill is the dining area. The decor throughout is impressive to say the least. The walls are black, the seating is plenty, and the food…to die for. With Julia largely in control of the grill and Alden on the other side of the spectrum, these two have only begun to set the bar.

Every delectable item at the Humboldt Bar & Grill has been made by hand from scratch. Organic produce and other items are well-infused throughout the menu. The donut holes, pictured above, are served with warm Ghirardelli chocolate, strawberry and caramel dipping sauce. On special occasions such as New Year’s, HB&G serves up a popular prepared dinner of crab and prime rib. In the spring, the restaurant plays host to a variety of live music and performers. The next time you’re in Garberville, let your curiosity get the better of you, and stop in.

DSC_2192Spring Rolls

The spring rolls begin with rice paper that’s been dipped in water. Purple cabbage starts the first layer, followed by avocado, mango, bell pepper, cucumber, herbs, and peanut or gluten-free almond sauce.

DSC_2172Chicken Nuggets

The chicken nuggets are said to be a popular choice at HB&G. They consist of organic chicken breast that’s been hand cut, battered, fried, and tossed into different sauces for your taste bud pleasure.  Your choice of dipping sauces are hot, extra hot, BBQ, Ranch, or Bleu Cheese.

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