I Dabbed Before Going to the Gym and This is What Happened

Dabs are great, don’t get me wrong. But there’s lots of reasons to keep it to a minimum, like the prospect of a too-high-tolerance, or even weed’s Voldemort—Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. Either way, it never really occurred to me to replace a typical flower combustion sesh with a conservative dab because the hardware is so daunting. 

Workouts are not my fav—even though they are my fav afterwards—but weed has always helped get me through the slog. Considering that dabbing, when performed properly, can taste like a super pure expression of cannabis with less particulate entering the lungs, its also ‘cleaner’ if you’re about to hit the cardio.

Like much of the equipment at the gym, dab rigs and the like have always scared the crap out of me. Who wants to torch something and handle hot items while high? Not I. That’s why when the new G Pen Connect dropped an electronic dab device, I knew I would love it too much if it really worked. 

Once out of the box and stacked neatly into the accessorized bowl of the Heavy Duty Rig that Higher Standards sent us to test along with the G Pen Connect, it was pretty clear that the dab scene was about to be that much more accessible. 

With the double press of a button, I was dabbed to perfection and off to the gym, no fire, no flame, nothing hot to handle or worry about leaving. Upon arriving at workout church, I felt so much more fluid—ready to not just slip into my routine as my normal stone sesh allows—but to outright click into it. 

That readiness to get active and push it past my normal limits was not something I thought feeling high would ever provide, but the blooming high I got from a low-temp hit on this new device was beyond all expectations.

After 30% more time spent working out and almost double the reps of some of my usual circuits, I was really feeling the power of the fitness dab. Judge for yourself, and don’t forget to share the results! 

As for the G Pen Connect, look out for a more in-depth review video in the near future from our video fam.

Photo: Maria Penaloza

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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