I Don’t Smell Anything

Black Rock OG is the name you need to know when you need a discreet stylish stash case. The Black Rock OG safety case is a classy way to store your herb discreetly. Just because you have the loud doesn’t mean you want it to scream from your pocket to everyone around you. The Black Rock OG smell proof safety case can be customized for those who like to smoke bowls, roll joints, or dab and is the perfect solution for discretion on the go.Black Rock OG

The case is smell proof and comes with some cool customizable gear. Your Black Rock OG case is can hold up to 8 silicone containers for those who are connoisseurs of the herb or concentrates. You can get a one hitter for your black rock OG along with a must-have grinder card, dab mat, dab tool and papers to give you a complete case that is stylish and packed full of everything you need.

The Black Rock OG is a quality crafted case with a honeycomb pattern. It is about the size of a case for your sunglasses. The zipper that seals the Black Rock OG safety case has a unique leather outing that acts as a skin helping to give it it’s smell proof ability. The Black Rock OG is a must-have accessory for any cannabis consumer on the go.Black Rok

Just because you like to partake doesn’t mean everyone needs to know about it. Keep all your supplies in one place so that when they are needed they are there. All your essentials in the palm of your hand, in an elegantly crafted case that will slide right into your pocket. The Smell Proof Black Rock OG Safety Case, you will, want to rock it! Order yours today at blackrockog.com.

Written by James Priest

Emerald contributor since September 2015


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