I Tried Healing my Aches and Pains with Relief, Energy and Mood

Relief, Energy, Mood: REM for short. This California-based brand wants to help you heal your aches and pains the old fashioned way. They’re committed to providing organic, cruelty-free CBD products that target your daily discomforts through natural healing. It’s all about enlightening the senses, as they say, to prioritize your relief, energy and mood: their favorite three ingredients to leading a positive, healthy life.  


The Salve Stick

CBD Salve Stick

$40 for 600 mg

The first product I tried was REM’s CBD Salve Stick. I had the warming salve, which I would describe as having an earthy-citrus scent. It comes in a twist up stick, similar to deodorant, so you can easily apply it directly to your skin with no mess. It’s meant to help with your daily aches and pains through organic essential oils and 600 mg of hemp derived CBD. (You can also purchase the 1200 mg version here). 

The company recommends consumers use this salve after working out to prevent swelling and soreness. So I used this product on my knees, which usually tend to get sore after running. I liked the feeling of the salve on my skin; it was hydrating and not sticky at all which I appreciated so I could have it on comfortably under my clothes. I felt like it helped to soothe the area and was also a relaxing way to unwind after a good workout. 

3/5 Emeralds


The Massage Oil

CBD Massage Oil

$49 for 750 mg

I tried their warming CBD Massage Oil , which has a strong scent of cinnamon. I liked the smell at first, but after a while, it became a bit overpowering. 

The packaging is a bottle with a pump, which doesn’t allow you to get much product out, so I ended up unscrewing the cap and pouring it out instead. 

The massage oil definitely lived up to its name; I immediately noticed a warming effect on my skin, which I found  really comforting. That warming effect plus the cinnamon scent was giving me cozy vibes (my favorite kind of vibes), and in combination with my holiday candles — the mood was set. All-in-all, I was a fan. 

However, word to the wise: if you’re thinking of using it during sexy time, don’t. It burns… I’ll leave it at that.

3/5 Emeralds 


If you’re looking to add some relief, energy and mood into your life, this company definitely has you covered. I really appreciate that they’re so big on natural healing, because you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin or in your body. You can take a look at the test results on their website for a full analysis of each product. Good news: the data backs up the CBD content advertised on every product. Go check out REM if you’re into natural remedies that’ll help you relieve and relax this holiday season.

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