Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Yoga Practice

By Lucy Dagnillo

The practice of combining cannabis and yoga can be traced back to “The Vedas,” an ancient Hindu text whose history spans all the way back to 2000 to 1400 B.C. Cannabis has been noted as one of the five sacred plants due to it’s uplifting qualities and its ability to release tension and anxiety when used purposefully. In today’s culture, many consumers are adding cannabis into their yoga practice, as people realize the plant’s healing properties create a deeper mind-body-spirit connection and help to calm the mind during meditation. Recognizing the intention behind consuming cannabis is the first step in the process.

Utilizing the Plant Medicine Through Meditation

Each individual should reflect upon their own reasoning behind using the plant medicine in conjunction with their yoga practice. Whether it be to release tension or anxiety, alleviate chronic pain, or to help guide one into the present moment — the practitioner should set an intention before practicing. When consuming for the first time before practice, one should remain mindful of the effects of cannabis on the body, and take note of it. It is important to be aware of your own personal experience with cannabis before practicing yoga as everyone has varying levels of tolerance and strains affect each person differently.

Utilizing cannabis in meditation is a great way to drop into the present moment. The effects of cannabis in conjunction with breath work allows the mind to slow down and thoughts to dissolve.

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Strains for Your Yoga Practice

A strain like Granddaddy Purple helps to relieve pain, is anti-inflammatory, promotes sleep, and aids in alleviating depression and anxiety. Pairing high CBD strains, such as Harlequin and ACDC, are a great option for novice smokers or for those who experience racing thoughts and anxiety from their higher THC counterparts. CBD relieves pain, is anti-inflammatory, and reduces anxiety all while being non-psychoactive. Regardless of your preferred consumption method, each student should listen to their body and honor their individual, personal relationship with cannabis. Understanding how the body reacts to the high allows for a more intimate yoga experience. If you prefer consuming edibles before practicing, take note of how long the edible takes to enter the bloodstream. Often times edibles take longer to digest then smoking or vaping would. Starting low and slow on a dosage is the best way to experiment. When combining cannabis and yoga, one should remain open minded about the experience.

The Practice of Cannabis and Yoga

Each teacher and class offers a unique experience for students to engage in. It is important for students to try out various classes in order to find a good fit for their own practice. Whether the class is a more upbeat Vinyasa flow paired with an uplifting Sativa strain — or mellow movement enhanced by a sedative Indica — each class has its own benefits. Students should feel empowered to try new cannabis yoga classes, which have appeared all across the country. With so many different methodologies on how to pair cannabis and yoga — the options for self-exploration are endless. Cannabis opens the mind to new possibilities, and the ability to problem solve more clearly. When paired with yoga the end result can be euphoric.

Results of Cannabis and Yoga

The cannabis plant holds many physical and emotional benefits that can help people reach a total state of relaxation and bliss. Utilizing cannabis and yoga allows one to heal both the mind and body in the safe space of their yoga mat. I invite you all to explore the potential of adding cannabis into your yoga practice and share the experience with others. As more
people become educated on it’s benefits the more the movement will spread.

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