Capital Cathy: Jennifer Chapin, Co-Founder of Kikoko

Welcome to Capital Cathy, the show that talks about funding a future for women, and their experiences in raising capital. With roughly 2% of investments going towards women-founded businesses, Capital Cathy discusses the hurdles we face in financing, and how to secure funding for our companies.

In the second episode, Christina de Giovanni, CEO and founder of the Emerald, hosts Jennifer Chapin, co-founder of Kikoko, a women’s wellness brand from California. Chapin and de Giovanni discuss Kikoko’s recent $8 million dollar Series-A finance round and the journey it took to get there. From introducing low-dose THC products to dispensaries, to following the company’s six rules—one of which is “No Asshole” investors allowed—Chapin guides us through the highs and lows of raising capital.


Music by Philippe’s Beats

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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