Jerry Garcia is Finally Getting his own Cannabis Line

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In an effort to honor the legacy of one of the most well-known stoners in history, Holistic Industries and the Jerry Garcia Family have officially introduced the Jerry Garcia Cannabis Collection. 

Legalization Spreads

Multiple states have legalized cannabis during election week, including New Jersey, Arizona and South Dakota. 

Prior to these changes, legends like Jerry Garcia have been spreading their love for the plant their entire lives. From their home in Haight-Ashbury, to their six hour long concerts, cannabis was a staple of the Grateful Dead. 

Having passed away back in 1995, however, one can only imagine how happy a man like Garcia would be to hear about the spread of legalization, starting with Colorado and Washington back in 2012. 

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Created for Inclusivity

Beginning this month, the partnership will launch products across California dispensaries, including three strains of flower, pre-rolls and guitar pick shaped edibles. 

Holistic Industries will be responsible for all aspects of the brand from accessories to products, while the Garcia family will help with the creative end of things. 

 The Garcia Hand Picked collection was created for both celebration and relaxation. It includes a variety of strains to ensure inclusivity for all different types of consumers. The collection is expected to include strains like Chemdog (sativa), SFV OG (indica) and Fire OG (hybrid). 

Each product will include a watercolor image of Garcia, as well as a specially-curated playlists of Garcia’s music corresponding to each strain. There will also be apparel and accessories available for purchase. 

Garcia’s daughter, Trixie Garcia, explained to Rolling Stone that the line was meant to honor her father’s long standing advocacy for legalization, noting that the family wants to create a “spontaneous [and] harmonious” cannabis experience to “bring people together in the way only Jerry could.” 

“A joint became a bridge between him and those around him,” she continued.

For more information on Garcia Hand Picked, visit their website here


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