Kind Solutions

Kind Solutions

Northern Humboldt’s Medical Marijuana Delivery Collective

by Janet Riddle

On a seemingly very long and dry  Tuesday afternoon, I decided to place my very first 215 delivery order from Kind Solutions delivery service. The easiest way to describe ordering from Kind Solutions is that it’s similar to ordering a pizza: Call, give an address, and place an order with a $40 minimum and legal 215 prescription.

I have to admit, after my first purchase from Kind Solutions, I couldn’t wait until my next delivery.Customers, please be aware that certain areas outside of Eureka do have a delivery charge, and, just like any delivery service, please do not make them stand outside in the rain.  And, don’t do what I did and wait until the last the minute to look for your prescription. 

Kind Solutions is based on satisfaction, for the patient and by the patient, so please be a patient. Not all customers have transportation or a convenient location to pick up their medicine, and many have serious medical conditions which prevent them from leaving the home. Kind Solutions works with each individual patient and is dedicated to providing them with a quality experience.

    Once you become a member, Kind Solutions takes the time to answer any questions that you might have. Questions could be about something as simple as a new strain or potency.

Have you ever felt nervous or timid when there is a line at the dispensary? Being in the comfort of my own home allowed me to feel more inclined to ask questions.

   As a traditionalist, I enjoy smooth-hitting Indica strains. Kind Solutions has a variety of medical choices, from the basic flower and wax to delicious edibles. All of their pharmaceuticals have appropriate labeling, with a clear indication of CBD (cannabidiol, which has medical applications but less of the ‘stoned’ feeling) and THC levels. Some even reach as high as 20 percent. Compared to other dispensaries, Kind Solutions did have a smaller variety of strains, but higher quality products than other providers. Kind Solutions delivery also blessed me with the best recommendation in town: I was able to sample their product, and was satisfied with my order.

   Yeti OG is a light and whimsical high that induces creative activity and is great for gaming. The cannabis was definitely top shelf bud, available in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.


   Lastly, Kind Solutions is not a taco truck or an ice cream truck. They are not going to jingle past your house and hand you something from the back of a van. Kind Solution 215 delivery service is discrete. To become a member of Kind Solutions, simply visit their site,, and fill out the Membership Agreement and Patient Registration forms. You may also call in at 707-599-6519  and request the forms be mailed directly to you.

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