Stemp founder Binson Shrestha

The Emerald is rolling up to high fashion studios around New York City in our new series, Laced. These designers are lighting up the fashion industry, introducing missions of sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. We’re hitting on the crucial topics of the 21st century and passing you the wearable eye candy.


Operating a fusion store which is half a threading salon and half a hemp-based clothing store, Binson Shrestha weaves Brooklyn, New York, and Nepal, into his hemp clothing line, Stemp NYC.  Co-founder and CEO, Shrestha has traveled around the world to source and produce as sustainably as possible.  Shrestha’s strong affinity for hemp began in 2013 when he was in college. 

At that time, hemp was still marginalized and Shrestha’s research into the plant to explore the derivations of the derision revealed a wonder crop with which you can make 10,000 products.  He and his co-founder began with clothing and accessories to align with their mutual interests and their goal is to someday make as many products with hemp as possible.  Their storefront operates as a retail establishment, however, they are driven to educating individuals through their forum the benefits of hemp and the sustainability the plant offers.  Inspired by current events and their utilization to maintain relevance, their brand is a conscious execution in tailored minimalism, simplicity, and serves as an entrypoint to the creation of a hemp-ire. 

In this episode, the Emerald learns the ins and outs of the hemp industry, and how to make it in America.



Laced: LiuSal NYC

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