Listen to This: Downtown Classics By The Gent

Check out this dank mix by Famous in Bushwick’s The Gent, a DJ who knows how to get the party started in pretty much any genre. His sets sound like second nature, and when we’re treated to a mix by this cannabis-loving selector, it’s clean, inspiring, and repeatable.

With classics from Madonna to De La Soul, this mix gives you a downtown vibe that is unmistakable. You’ll want to sing, smoke, and dance along. Dropping old-school hip hop into funk and back around to disco, this is a great mashup of all your favorites and maybe one or two you didn’t know.

Dropping in extremely potent bangers like Follow Me, It’s Not Over and other deep cuts give us the throwback vibes we’re craving this Friday. Nothing beats a heavy dose of early Madonna bangers sprinkled in with all kind of 80s disco and funk gold. It’s like we’re back in time, but with a modern DJ’s sensibility.

Listen to this again and again, it gathers perfect blaze tracks for a happy hour with friends or even a morning wake-and-bake situation.

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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