Makada Marley Interview

Makada Marley, youngest daughter of Bob Marley, sits down with Emerald Media in an exclusive first interview.

Lady A and Lady A: Antebellum and Anita (White)

Country band, Lady Antebellum, announced in June 2020 they were changing their name to Lady A. However, long-time Blues singer, [...]

Effortless Entertainment: 10 Podcasts to try During Quarantine

For many, the consistent pushes for quarantined productivity can be overwhelming. 

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There’s nothing like a summer jam, but they don’t always make them like they used to. This time around, we’ve [...]

Why Your Favorite Song Always Sounds Better After a Joint

While there is currently very little proven facts on this topic as cannabis remains illegal on a federal level, many [...]

Listen to This: Downtown Classics By The Gent

Check out this dank mix by Famous in Bushwick’s The Gent, a DJ who knows how to get the party [...]

Cannabis Hill

B-Real of Cypress Hill needs no introduction to our readers. If you’ve been involved in the cannabis scene and listening [...]

Make The Journey

NORTHERN NIGHTS MUSIC FESTIVAL By Kerry Reynolds If you distill everything that is playful, wise, stylish and funky about the [...]

Cannatunes ™

By Diana-Ashley Krach Loretta Hord, founder of Cannatunes ™, takes the concept of plant appreciation to new heights by creating [...]