One-in-Seven Americans Use Cannabinoid Medicine According To Poll

CBD has crept into the common lexicon for some time, but now a survey has determined it’s a lot more prevalent than we previously thought. 

Gallup, an analytic and advisory company, recently completed a survey that determined CBD use among Americans to be…approaching the NBD zone. Results found that one-in-seven, or 14% of American adults report using some version of CBD, most notably for its therapeutic effects

The data is unsurprising, as it seems to align with the will of the 84 percent of Americans who want medical legalization. 

Considering CBD is infused in everything from toothpicks to tampons, it’s probably going to become even more mainstream—which is great for the cannabis industry and the people who are/will be employed in it.

According to a Marijuana Moment’s analysis of the data, “Though young adults and people living in the West are the most likely to use CBD (20-21%, respectively), people from all demographics and regions are evidently partaking.” 

California, Colorado and the rest of the green coast are enjoying the benefits of CBD more than their East Coast counterparts, but the survey also showed that fewer 65+ people are using CBD than the general public. 

“Almost one-in-10 individuals 65 or older use CBD, for example. And 13% of people from the South reported using the non-intoxicating ingredient, compared to 11% in both the Midwest and East,” Marijuana Moment reports.   

With this news, companies will continue to sharpen their claws; so if you were waiting for the green light, well…it looks like its been on “go” for some time. 

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