Our Team Attended the Launch Party for Tonic Vibes’ New CBD Vape

On Thursday evening, Team Emerald made our way to the Arlo Hotel rooftop in Soho, Manhattan, to hit up the “Tonic Zone”, celebrating the launch of Tonic Vibes’ new CBD Vaporizer. Featuring snacks, drinks, a flowery photo booth  area, and, most importantly, Tonic’s new vaporizer, as well as hand rolled CBD joints. 

Tonic is focused on original CBD blends which are handcrafted in small batches with purposeful, plant-based ingredients. Using not only herbs like ashwagandha, but superfoods like black seed oil, Tonic aims to elevate the benefits of CBD to create a powerful way to heal the body, calm the mind and restore balance. They even have their own hemp farm, Tricolla Farms, in upstate NY!

Amongst partygoers sipping pink drinks, snacking on lobster rolls, was a section with CBD flower samples. The selection, available on droppingseeds.com, featured five kinds of CBD: relaxation (to help destress and rest), meditation (to promote self reflection and mindfulness), motivation (elevates clarity and revitalizes alertness), self love (encourages healthy sensual expression), and quit (to help assist you during nicotine withdrawal). These five kinds can be smoked, vaped, sipped, or soaked! Guests could pick any of these 5 kinds and a fresh THC-free joint was rolled for them on the spot. 

For the new vape, as much as for their topical and sublingual products, Tonic Vibes has a simple strategy: they combine CBD with Ashwagandha Root because they are both powerful adaptogens – they defend against the effects of stress and work to restore and maintain the body’s ideal balance; they relieve anxiety, decrease inflammation and improve mental clarity; they have a common goal but go through different pathways to get there, so they combined them to double down on their individual effects and create an adaptogenic powerhouse.

In other words, Tonic Vibes hosted one hell of a party. The crowd was filled with people who were actually cool, the drinks kept flowing, and the music kept blasting, as guests looked over the Hudson River and another majestic New York City summer sunset. 

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