Perfect Preroll: Paradiso Orange Sunset

Orangey strains have been all the rage on the West Coast for some time, and that’s no surprise, considering the pleasing benefits of the terps they produce. Limonene and valencene, two major constituents of citrusy strains, calm and uplift you more than they bake and lock you down to the couch.

Paradiso, a cannabis flower brand from Central California, is “cultivated to smoke” and that’s no lie.

Though the packaging is beautiful and evokes major California vibes, the flower inside is much more than just delivered in a pretty box.

We tried Paradiso’s pre-rolls, in Orange Sunset flavor, on our last trip to sunny Cali, and it was a real treat. In a perfectly packed soft, yellow box with text the color of a streaked sunset, you find a jammin’ pre-roll that hits beautifully, isn’t skimpy or floppy and tastes amazing.

Orange Sunset was politely citrusy, had lovely pine notes and smoked with a flowing delight that increased after the joint was out. We had a lovely, chatty, social night with Orange Sunset in tow—and you can, too, if you’re based in California. Find Paradiso at dispensaries across the state, and you can join in on the paradise with just one light.

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