Post Malone Launches Hemp Pre-Roll Collab With Sherbinskis and Icon Farms

Many musicians are joining the cannabis industry, and it’s no surprise that Post Malone, the rapper behind the album Beerbongs and Bentleys, is one of them. Known as the partying rockstar most likely to be double-fisting—a cig in one hand and beer in the other—Malone officially announced the launch of his hemp company, Shaboink, back in May. Now, the global superstar is collaborating with the founder of Sherbinskis, Mario Guzman, and Icon Farms to create a line of American grown hemp pre-rolls. 

Through the partnership with Icon Farms, a company focused on clean hemp cultivation, the pre-rolls will be backed by decades of knowledge from the family-owned tobacco and hemp production company. By collaborating with Guzman, aka Mr.Sherbinski, Malone is positioning himself with a company that brings us some of the most sought-out strains in the world. If you’ve ever puffed on Sherbinskis Gelato or Sunset Sherbert, you know that while these pre-rolls will be THC-free, they are certainly worth your while. 

Enhanced with Guzman’s custom-made terpene flavor profile, “Posty OG,” Shaboink’s pre-rolls are made using only American-grown hemp, plant-derived terpenes and water. Free of tobacco and nicotine, the individually wrapped hemp pre-rolls will offer options for those in non-legal states to legally sample some of Sherbinskis best flavors. 

“I’m proud to bring natural hemp pre-rolls by Shaboink to market. It’s a product I personally love and know my fans will too,” said Malone in a press release. “Our partners are best in class and so is this product. The terpene flavors are great, and you can’t beat an all-natural pre-roll.”

The products which were first released at the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, and are currently distributed by Greenlane, a leading distributor of products and accessories spanning to over 11,000 independent smoke shops.  

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